Supercar Tour vs. Car Rental for a Day


Exotic car rental is one of the most car-centric travel experiences that an automotive enthusiast can experience while traveling in a new place. 

From Ferrari rentals to Porsche rentals, supercar rental services may all seem the same, but let us assure you that they are not. If you’re the kind of person that likes to go their own way, a supercar rental may work well for you. However, if you want to have a curated experience, led by experts, there is a better option out there for you: supercar tours. 

Curious about the difference between a supercar tour and any old exotic car rental service? Let’s get into it.

So You Want To Test Drive a Supercar…

Owning a supercar is like breathing rarified air. 

For those that own one, they couldn’t imagine it any other way, but for the rest of us, we need to be content just staring from the sidewalk as those in their billion-dollar horsepower rides drive by. Not only are supercars prohibitively expensive for most people to own in the first place, but they are incredibly expensive to maintain. From oil changes to new tires (which you’ll need quite often), the cost to own a supercar is extravagant. 

Luckily, the market responded to the desires of automotive enthusiasts and companies like Turo and many others started to rent out supercars to normal folks. Although they can be expensive, it did give normal people the opportunity to rent out bonafide supercars for the cost of one oil change or a set of tires and let them rip around the rental area with abandon. 

Supercar rentals and supercar tours are not the same things, mind you, so let’s take a look at each.  

What’s Included in a Supercar Rental?

Let’s start with the dollars and cents. If you want to rent a supercar, you’ll need to pony up the cost of the rental for the entire day, even if you’re only driving a few hours or less. There’s also a gasoline charge, usually based on how many miles you drive the supercar. Delivery fees, local tourism fees, and a myriad of other fees are also on the table. You’ll also want to purchase a third-party insurance policy specifically for your rental because most people’s insurance policies have limits that would be well below what it could cost to replace a half-million-dollar supercar if you stick it in the ditch while testing the acceleration. 

Most supercar rentals let you drive an “unlimited” number of miles, which is sort of a misnomer anyways because how far can you go in a few hours? Once the keys are in your hand, where you go and how you push the vehicle are up to you, so you better have a plan because that time and those miles will run out way quicker than you think!

What Do I Get From a Supercar Tour

A supercar tour, while it may seem similar, is another animal entirely. 

Rather than send you off on a mystery tour of your location, which you’re probably unfamiliar with anyways, they offer you a guided journey. Instead of trundling around in rush hour, supercar tours get you up and away from busy traffic and into locations that offer beautiful natural scenery, and some of the best driving roads in the region. It’s a feast for every one of your senses and they are designed to link you and your car together as one. Rather than wandering without a plan, the routes are all planned out for you and there’s no extra charge for gas or miles. 

Supercar tours often include routes near places you may visit, but may have never heard of. You may be partying in Atlanta, but did you know that Georgia has some of the finest driving roads in the country just a few miles away from Atlanta? How about Austin, Denver, or Chicago? Yes, each of these heavily touristed destinations has primo driving roads that you may have simply overlooked or not even known about. That’s exactly why a supercar tour can be that life-affirming, game-changing, experience you’re looking for on your next vacation. 

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What is the Open Road?

Open Road is like a supercar tour on another level. Owned by the track day experience experts at Xtreme Xperience, Open Road has scoped out the best roads in the best locations around the country to provide a curated experience that allows you to experience a bonafide supercar in the way it was meant to be driven. Along the way, you’ll stop and experience the best natural environments that this country has to offer. From watching the fall leaves shifting and changing to climbing and descending valleys cut from wild rivers, Open Road hits every sense. 

Unlike a supercar rental, you’ll have the opportunity to drive not one, but up to three supercars during your time with Open Road. The Porsche GT3, Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, and Ferrari 488 Spider are the remarkable vehicles offered for Open Road. Choose from 1 hour, 2.5-hour, half-day, or full-day experiences to fully tailor and customize your Open Road journey. 

You’ll have a chance to meet other automotive enthusiasts and travelers along the way who share your passion and verve for life. 

Tour With the Open Road

If you’re ready to experience a supercar the right way, Open Road is currently operating at 11 stunning locations across the United States. From soaring mountains in Colorado to the vast deserts of Arizona, we’re ready to redefine your expectations of what a travel experience can be by putting you behind the wheel of a car that is designed to thrill your soul on some of the most beautiful roads in the world. From short, 2.5-hour journeys to all-day thrill rides, Open Road is ready to provide you with an unforgettable experience. Trust us, once you pin the throttle on one of three supercars, you won’t be able to wipe that grin off your face and you’ll be changed forever. 

See you on the Open Road.