13 Signs You Are a Supercar Fanatic


Is this going to be the best year for supercar fans?

If you’re like us at Xtreme Xperience, then you have likely been glued to YouTube, watching all the releases and advancements of supercars across the world. Needless to say, new hyper/supercars have us pretty excited, knowing that the days of the performance-inspired car isn’t a thing of the past. Although the “good old days” might be behind us, we know that there’s much more to come. That notion got us thinking. Then thinking turned into talking about all the reasons why we’ve grown into supercar fanatics in the first place. Well, we came up with a list and thought we’d share them with you to find out if you’re a Supercar Fanatic too. 

You know you’re a supercar fanatic if…

1. You can recall the stats of your favorite supercar, faster than your parents anniversary.

Hangover Gif zach g doing math

562hp, 3.3sec 0-60, RWD, 7spd…

2. You can readily identify the supercar manufacturer by the sound of its exhaust. Guess that exhaust note!

(Hat Tip: Car Throttle
3. You stop anything you’re doing to snap a pic/vid of the supercar you spotted while out for groceries.

Xtreme Xperience media taking a photo of a supercar

It’s a supercar, better Instagram it.

4. When it comes to foreign languages, your vocabulary begins and ends with supercar names.

peter griffin tries to speak italian on family guy gif

Gallardo! Targa! Speciale!!!

5. You only associate Stuttgart with Porsche, an angry bull with Lamborghini, and Maranello with Ferrari.

Photo of ferrari museum in Italy

Ferrari Museum in Maranello

6. Your head turns faster and further than ever, just to catch a glimpse of the supercar flying past you.

Goat turns head around

Annnddd there it goes…

7. There is that one supercar in your Gran Turismo/Forza garage, that you will use for any and every race. (You know the one).

photo of ferrari from gran turismo video game

1 more lap ma! On the Nurburgring… muahahaha!

8. Your favorite toys as a kid were diecast models of your favorite supercars – and you likely still have have them.

assortment of diecast lamborghinis


9. You scour the internet for videos of the newest supercars on the track, just to hear what they really sound like.

animated photo jim carrey from bruce almighty

Ferrari… on the track… wide… open… THROTTLE

10. When you’re driving your car alone, your favorite thing to do is, recreate the sounds of the exhaust notes made by your favorite supercars.
11. Your ability to catch up to a supercar as you carve through traffic on the highway, reaches ninja status!

animated image supercars weaving through traffic

To left… to the right. BRAKE!!!

12. You still remember what supercar poster you had on the wall in your room as a kid. poster from 90's of ferrari testarossa
13. You can perfectly remember what it was like to drive or ride in your favorite supercar for the first time. And you can retell the story of what it was like, over and over again!

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If you connect with most of these, then there’s a good chance you’re a SUPERCAR FANATIC! Fortunately for you, the only remedy for this, is that you need MORE SUPERCARS in your life!

What makes you a supercar fanatic? Did we miss any on our list? Let us know by tagging us on Facebook and Twitter, also remember to use the hashtag ‘SupercarFanatic’!

We think it’s about time you drove that dream car!

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