Racetracks & Supercars – The Only Combo Better Than PB&J.

aerial photo of autobahn country club joliet, il

Our Field of Dreams

Proof there’s no better way to experience an exotic supercar, than on a racetrack.

If you’re anything like us at Xtreme Xperience, you start to salivate at the thought of being on a racetrack in a supercar. They just go together so well. Much like spaghetti and meatballs, tomato soup and grilled cheese, cigars and bourbon, or sunshine and convertibles… An exotic supercar is meant for the racetrack. Some say, supercars are the peanut butter to a racetrack’s jelly. national lampoon's vacation clark sandwich gif

Driving an exotic supercar on a track is an instant classic, exactly like a PB&J sandwich. How do you say? You get the best of both worlds! A PB&J is sweet and savory, a safe bet any time of the day (lunch laps anyone?!), not to mention a creamy smoothness followed by a PUNCH of flavor. Is there a more perfect way to describe a drive in a strawberry jam (exterior) and peanut butter (interior) colored Ferrari 458 Italia? We doubt it! If there is, you’d better tell us in the comments below. 

(Queue the track, Ice Cream Paint Job x Dorrough)

Still, don’t believe me?

Image of Xtreme Xperience supercars on track at NOLA Motorsports Park

3,200 ft straight at NOLA Motorsports Park – that’s my jam!

You can’t go wrong with a PB&J sandwich. Ever! If you haven’t had one in a while, better get to it. Never driven a car on a racetrack before, well now IT’S YOUR TURN!

10 Reasons why your first supercar experience should be on a racetrack:

  1. Safety: Racetracks are purpose-built, obviously for racing, which in turn, requires them to be safe. Every edge of the track is enclosed, padded, or includes large run-off areas. This means it is the safest place to drive fast.
  2. Instruction: Whether it’s our program or at any track in the US, instruction is available. You can always trust your mom to be a back seat driver, but an instructor will show you how to use every square inch of the track with the intention of going fast.
  3. Exploring Capabilities: There’s a vast number of ways to test your car’s capabilities, however, the proving grounds for any make/model car is typically – you guessed it – a racetrack. You can experience straightline speed, braking, cornering, etc. Sure, a 500-mile highway gives you the chance to top out your car, but there’s a reason why we started off this list with safety in the number one slot – it’s the opposite of a public road, with traffic and unpredictable drivers.
  4. Types of turns: Typically, you’re making an unfathomable amount of (close to) 90 degree turns, as you navigate from intersection to intersection, with the occasional highway on-ramp. Unless you live near a canyon or mountain-side road, the likelihood of you being able to experience technical turns is squat. Then, if there’s a chance that you do, there’s that other risk factor. You know, like rolling down the side of a mountain and all. YIKES! 
  5. Your experience is what you make it (fast or slow)Everyone gets their kicks in different ways. Some are only there to feel the straight-line power while they coast through the turns. Others are all about testing their limits through chicanes and hairpins. Or if you’re like some of our bucket-listers, the sheer fact that you can drive someone’s $300k Lamborghini/Ferrari for 20 min, and not have to pay for the fuel you just burned, is a dream come true! (It happens more than you think)
  6. Surpasses any Auto-X: An alternate option to test your skills, as well as the car’s capabilities, are autocross competitions/events. These are great for novice drivers or competitors (experienced drivers) who are looking for a cost-effective way to race and develop skills. Where do most of them graduate to… the TRACK!
  7. Challenges: Sure, there are challenging obstacles off the track too. Like when the 90+ year old, who stole back his/her keys to run to the corner store in a 20-year-old Buick, blocks the intersection leading to the main artery of your town because they forgot their way home. (Say hello to road ragers as you scoot by). But, this isn’t what you get on the track. You have the challenge of stitching together a smooth and efficient lap at triple-digit speeds or developing your skills/technique behind the wheel.
  8. It’s for just about everyone: With programs like XX, you don’t need a special license, or years of experience to find out what it’s like to: A) drive on a racetrack, or B) drive a supercar. In the event that you can’t make it to an event like ours, you can always get with your local track for observation laps or other programs. In most case (such as XX) this is a fun trip for the family or group of friends and co-workers to experience.
  9. Nervousness on the road vs track: With the ability to have a much more controlled environment on the track; your nerves are more centered around car control and speed of travel. With repetition (laps), nerves turn to focus and sharpening of your skills behind the wheel. How about the road, well… we don’t need to remind you of those rowdy grandmas in Buicks again, do we?
  10. Best place to drive is hands down, the track: You can search high and low, and drive for thousands of miles, but you will unlikely find a perfect stretch of pavement like that of a racetrack. You might find some turns and some elevation changes, but the surface will not be as well-groomed as a track’s. Where you find great sections of pavement, you will likely miss out on the diversity of turns, or maybe elevation changes and scenery found at a track. Of course, what’s always missing is that safety factor(we hope you’ve got the point that tracks are safer than roads)
image of xtreme xperience porsche gt3 and lamborghini lp 560-4 at NOLA motorsports park my life at speed

(Photo x Jason Bracket for My Life At Speed)

As you can imagine, we have an opinion on this topic.

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What are your thoughts on experiencing a supercar on racetrack? Is there any better combo, besides PB&J? Tell us below in the comments.

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