Preparing for your first Xtreme Xperience Track Day


Start your engines!

Are you ready to push a supercar to the limit? 

We love seeing the enthusiasm that our customers have when they roll up to a track day and see our fleet of supercars lined up in a row, ready to be driven. There’s an energy in the air, a sense of anticipation, and a sense of nerves. After all, even if you’ve driven on a track before, the experience of piloting an unknown car at triple-digit speeds is enough to make even a hardcore enthusiast sweat. 

Even if you fancy yourself an enthusiast, or if you’ve had track time in the past, it’s important to be prepared for your day with Xtreme Xperience. Make no mistake, you won’t forget your time with us, but in order to be as comfortable and confident as possible, we want to give all our prospective riders a rundown on what to expect when you show up to the track. 

Let’s get into it. 

The Supreme Checklist

One of the best ways to get prepared for a track day with Xtreme Xperience is to go through a good old-fashioned checklist. 

Height Requirements 

Each car has a different height requirement to drive. Remember, these are supercars, not your typical SUV and they have a unique driving position with limited visibility. If you can’t make the height requirement, you will not only be uncomfortable behind the wheel, but it could be dangerous. Remember, wearing a helmet will add about 2 inches to your overall height. 

Proper Gear

Leave your heels, flip-flops, Birkenstocks, and every other type of open-toe or designer shoe at home. When you drive on the track with Xtreme Xperience, you need to wear closed-toe shoes, preferably with a grippy sole. Sneakers, skate shoes, and running shoes are all good options when you come out to drive. Short sleeve shirts are encouraged on warm days, and jackets are encouraged on cold days. Just be comfortable and use common sense. 

FYI, if you’re in New Jersey, you’ll also need to make sure you wear long pants to the track, even on hot days. 

Bring Essentials 

We offer plenty of water and energy drinks from our partners at Nos Energy, but if you’re a perpetual snacker, you want to bring some munchies for yourself. This is especially important if you plan to drive multiple cars or be at the track for the majority of the day. Even though we do offer shade during the day, you’ll still want to bring plenty of sunscreen and a good hat if you plan to stand close to the track for a good view.

License and Waiver

When you show up to the track day event, you’ll need to have your driver’s license on hand and ready to go. You’ll also need to sign a waiver once you arrive. You must be 18 years of age or older to drive and at least 12 years of age or older to ride. If you live in Illinois or New Jersey, you’ll need to be 18 to ride along. 

Familiarize Yourself with the Track

Prior to coming out for the first time, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with your local track. Understanding the track before you come out can build confidence, and make sure that you can navigate in a speedy yet safe manner. Each track is posted on our website and includes information like the number of turns, the length of the straightaway, and the overall layout of the track. Remember, some tracks have multiple layouts, so verify with us if you get confused about which layout to study. 

You can also watch YouTube videos of other people on the track, and follow the track’s social media pages to learn more. If you really don’t feel comfortable, book a ride-along in our Hellcat Charger to get a firsthand look at the track on the day of your drive. Plus, it’s just really fun to slide around a track in the backseat of a monstrous Hellcat-powered sedan!

Learn Your Supercar

You likely had a strong opinion about which car you wanted to drive when you came out to your first track event with Xtreme, so now it’s time to do your homework. 

Hopping into a Ferrari or Lamborghini will be an intimidating experience for the uninitiated, so check out YouTube videos to see what the interior looks like, how to turn it on, and what the visibility looks like. You can also dive into reviews or hot laps to see how professional drivers feel about the stability of your ride. Some vehicles have happy tails (Porsche, we’re looking at you) while others are more prone to understeering (Nissan GT-R). 

Watching a YouTube video will prepare you for the fury and acceleration you’re about to experience. Will it still thrill and delight you? You bet, but at least you’re more prepared. 

Follow the Rules

Look, we know you’re a good driver and you love to drive hard, but when you come out to an Xtreme Xperience event, we need you to let go of your ego and listen to us. Even if you’ve driven on a track before, it doesn’t really matter because how we set up laps and move people along requires everyone to listen and follow instructions in order to keep things moving along. 

Here are some of the main rules you need to follow:

  • Listen to your instructor because they are there to help keep things running smoothly and keep you safe. 
  • Respect the cone signals and hand signals from your instructor at all times. 
  • Never pass another car unless your instructor says to go for it. 

As long as you listen to your instructor, they will help you push your car to the safe limit. If you choose not to listen, you could not only be putting your safety at risk but your instructor and your fellow drivers as well. These are powerful cars that demand a level of respect, and at minimum we expect you to understand that. 

Rules are not there to restrict you, they are there to help make sure everyone is safe, including you. 

Get Set and Go!

When you come out to an Xtreme Xperience event, we want you to leave feeling like a professional racing driver. After all, when you have 500 to 600 horsepower at your beck and call, it takes a real pro to keep your head on straight and nail those apexes. Our team is ready to help you learn how to be a professional race car driver, including how to properly push a supercar to its limit, at tracks that are known the world over for their technical thrills.

Your three-lap experience will fly by before you know it, but being prepared will ensure that you make the most of your time with us. 

See you at the track!