Is This The Perfect Ferrari 488 GTB?


We have owned a number of Ferrari 488 GTBs. The car is always beautiful. However, our newest 488 GTB has struck our team with awe at its particular beauty. We’ll let you scroll through the photos below for yourself, however, we think this is the perfectly spec’d Ferrari 488. 

Xtreme Xperience Ferrari 488 GTB


You may not be able to tell from this shot, but this is not the same red as our other red 488. This is Rosso Mugello, a deeper, more refined red. It is the first choice that causes one’s eyes to linger, caressing the exterior with our gaze. 


Xtreme Xperience Ferrari 488 GTBXtreme Xperience Ferrari 488 GTBXtreme Xperience Ferrari 488 GTB


What takes this Ferrari 488 from tasteful to stunning is the combination of paint and wheels. The Forged Matt Grigio Corsa Diamond Cut Rims are a work of art that manage to marry the best of matte and glossy wheels. Behind these wheels, the Rosso Corsa brake calipers provide a classy addition that while a different red, compliment the paint. 



Inside, the diamond-pattern stitched leather seats are amplified with red stitching, which is also used in the prancing horse on the headrest. While the configuration foregoes carbon fiber additions on the exterior, the interior receives the sporty and stylish upgrade. The center console, steering wheel, and components of the dash all display the material of choice for the modern day supercar. 



So what do you think? Is this the best Ferrari 488 configuration that exists today? Explore Ferrari’s configurator to see whether there is a combination that you find more appealing. Want to drive this car? Click the link below to schedule your own drive in the 488. 

Drive the Ferrari 488 GTB