Our Achilles Heel Exposed. Can you guess what it is?


With so many moving parts, is there any wonder why our uniqueness is also our weakness?

Tune In Tuesday: Find out what it is in this week’s vlog.

Our mission is to make supercars accessible to everyone. That means eventually we will be visiting every state in the US, giving you the chance to get behind the wheel.

This is no easy feat. During the 2018 tour alone we’ve been fighting an uphill battle with weather and logistics nightmares.

Whether it’s transporting extra supercars across the country (See PREV EPISODE OF XXTV) or getting the team to the track to put on the xperience, there are loads of obstacles set in place.

In this case, we have a small window of time to get our equipment trailer packed and on the road. In case you didn’t notice, there are snowflakes the size of lugnuts falling from the sky.

Nevertheless, the job was completed, and we got our crew shipped out just in the nick of time.

Have you made it to a Supercar Track Xperience in 2018? Is there something you want us to talk about in our next vlog? Let us know in comments below.