Corporate Event Case Study: Motivate your team at 100mph


It’s time to turbocharge your next Corporate Event. Here’s why: 

Corporate event planners and business owners alike are attempting to do something more unique with their teams. They’re looking for something memorable to experience. Let’s be honest, the only thing worse than having to go to another boring work event, is having to plan “another one of those” activity days. Brutal isn’t it?

Do you remember the last time you went to a team building event for work? Even if your current employer hasn’t done this sort of thing, we’ve all been to something similar. Right? Chances are, it was filled with stuffy corporate handshakes and a lot of wrestling over the last burger at the food bar. By the time everyone realized the food’s done, half the team has already split. “See ya at the water cooler tomorrow!” yells the last remaining co-worker who’s name you failed to remember, as they make their escape. 

“What I think is really great about this type of experience is it takes you out of the office. You can laugh and joke, and be more of who you are.” – Amcor Participant

Will your next corporate event look like this? 



Amcor is a global leader in responsible packaging solutions supplying a broad range of rigid & flexible packaging products into the food, beverage, healthcare, home and personal care and tobacco packaging industries. (

The commercial sales division had seen heightened levels of success over the past year and plans to continue that rate of growth into the future. Now, it was time to find a way to incentivize the team for their efforts. 


Amcor’s VP of Sales & Marketing, Patrick D, is in charge of coordinating an annual Commercial Sales Summit. Typically, this included team building activities, in addition to meetings surrounding plans for future growth. This year, the goal was to strike a synergy between a celebration of their success and partake in a team building experience that aligned with their corporate vision. 

“We’re trying to really propel our growth, and we call it turbocharging growth. Xtreme Xperience really coincided with that theme, going fast and accelerating growth, so that’s why we’re here!” – Patrick Dedoyard (VP Sales & Marketing) 


amcor corporate event stats

“Custom events” happens to be our middle name.


New Orleans, LA quickly became the best suited location for a corporate event like Amcor’s. NOLA Motorsports Park supplied ample amounts of event space for Amcor’s catering and presenting needs. Following their time spent indoors, Xtreme Xperience entertained 35 teammates who were able to share a bucket list experience with one another. If there’s a better way to spend time out of the office, other than racetracks and supercars, we haven’t found it. 

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