IT’S HERE! McLaren P1 vs La Ferrari vs Porsche 918


Who’s the fastest around the track? The McLaren P1, Ferrari La Ferrari or the Porsche 918?

We have a surprise for you, this is now an answer that we finally know. Thanks to the Supercar Driver, Car fanatic and collector Paul Bailey, seems to have funded his own supercar shootout to get the job DONE!

We recently saw photos surface from Top Gear presenters, who began filming their new show. Boasting that they would be the ones who would be able to answer what we’ve all been begging to know.

Who makes the fastest Hybrid Supercar?

“First, it looked like ​Top Gear​ was going to get it done last year, but then the show sort of went away. Since then, we’ve seen all sorts of tests of them together, but none of them have had lap times.”  (Source: road&track)

image of tweet by richard hammond top gear testing mclaren p1, Ferrari, Porsche 918

Richard Hammond Tweets about Mega Shootout

Well, at this point their production of the shootout is likely going to get lapped, as the name of their show hasn’t even been released yet. But you know what is?

Supercar Driver’s YouTube video – Track Shootout – P1 v LaFerrari v 918 Spyder [Part 1/3]

If you didn’t catch the end of the title, it says “part 1/3” of the #HolyTrinity Shootout. Which means, that we’ll see how the cars compare in some additional tests. Can’t wait!

How do you feel about the winner and did your favorite come out on top? Let us know in the comment section below.