It’s Not Just a Supercar, But a Super Trofeo


Experience a limited edition, Lamborghini on a Racetrack

Image of the xtreme xperience super trofeo stradale on track

A Rare Bull

It’s quite ordinary to be blown away by anything that exits the automaker’s factory doors in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy. Considering the fact it’s supercars have been dropping jaws since ‘63 – yes, this should definitely be their new slogan. Which is perfectly understandable, considering Lamborghini’s status quo is equivalent to that of their symbol, a raging bull: Powerful, fierce, angry, and downright incredible!

image of xtreme xperience super trofeo stradale on the racetrack

The Super Trofe Stradale – Bred for the Track

In 2003, Lamborghini brought the Gallardo to market and produced its largest numbers of a single model car for the next 10 years. The platform was so versatile for both road and track applications, that they created the Fastest One Make Racing Series, utilizing the Gallardo’s platform. This is known as the Blancpain Super Trofeo – International Motor Racing Series, established in 2009. Lamborghini celebrated the series by unveiling “One of the most EXTREME Lamborghinis ever made” (Lamborghini CEO, Stephen Winkleman) known as the Super Trofeo Stradale (super trophy road car). Production of the LP570-4 was limited to only 150 units across all countries, making this a very rare breed – even for these bulls.

The Most Xtreme Lambo – Built For The Road & Track!

Image of xtreme xperience super trofeo stradale 71/150 badge interior


Image of xtreme xperience super trofeo stradale driver's side interior

There may be a little Alcantara & Carbon Fiber in here.

Utilizing the Gallardo platform, the track focused supercars received a wide array of upgrades, fusing together the cup racers, and the road capable/Stradale version. Upgrades include: extensive weight reductions by adding a significant amount of carbon fiber, puts it at 2,954lbs. An enhanced aero package, includes a fixed rear spoiler that generates 3x’s more downforce, over a standard Gallardo. A tuned up V10 engine making (you guessed it) 570 horsepower. Every Super Trofeo Stradale is AWD, giving it a distinct edge over competitors in its class. Many shared components in the suspension and drivetrain, including the transmission have been directly taken from the Super Trofeo Cup Racers.

Image xtreme xperience super trofeo stradale Rear wing badge

Rear wing badge STS

Image xtreme xperience super trofeo stradale interior super trofeo stradale badge

Why yes, it is a Super Trofeo Stradale

Image xtreme xperience super trofeo stradale exterior rear

Wing’s up!

Ok, it’s probably a good time to pick up your jaw from the floor. Good! Now head to the racetrack for an Xtreme Xperience in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Stradale.

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