Meet The Miura – The Car That Put Lamborghini on The Map


Lamborghini’s 1st Supercar, Miura, is still one of its BEST 

Photos by Jeremy Cliff of the Lamborghini Miura expanded in green

Undressing Miura

An Italian supercar built in the late ’60s and early ’70s is worth its weight in gold to some collectors, which is why you hardly see them on the street. Like most classics, they cost a fortune to maintain, resulting in their inevitable fate as a garage queen.

Photo by Jeremy Cliff of the front of a Lamborghini Miura

Front Quarter of the Miura

A car some of you may not be familiar with (considered to be the 1st supercar made for the road) was made by Lamborghini, called the Miura (P400). The Miura was a road specific sports car, touting a naturally aspirated V12, putting out 350+hp. Now, V12’s were available from other marques – such as Lambo’s Italian neighbor, Ferrari – but if you know anything about the story of Lamborghini and Ferrari, you’ll understand why things unfolded the way they did. Either way, this was a statement piece for Lamborghini, and it was built to be the king of the road. 

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photo by jeremy cliff of a green lamborghini miura

Rear quarter of the Miura

Lamborghini used it’s tractor manufacturing experience to build a true sports car, bringing the Bull Fight, right through the streets of Maranello. The wail from the pipes of the Miura is something special; as it’s hard to beat the sounds of a carbureted V12 engine, at full throttle. The car looks like a piece of art; as rolling lines shape the hood and fenders, which are accompanied by sharp inlets/air ducts and angles throughout. Combine the mid-mounted engine, glossy finish of its curvy body, with a gargle of the exhaust – and it’s breathtaking. Sure, there are some antiquated sections, but look at the Miura, and you’ll see nooks and crannies that helped shape each of its successors.

photos of red lamborghini miura with doors open taken by Jeremy Cliff

Flexing its muscle

If we were regulars at cars and coffee meetups, or any classic shows for that matter, we’d be hunting down one of these Italian ladies for a shot to get behind the wheel. Although, we’re almost certain that many owners would happily trailer theirs to a show. Leaving you much to be desired, as there’s a slight chance of hearing it start-up or climb into towards the top of its gears. Which is why the video of this owner’s Miura, is as good as the first time you saw Alyssa Milano strut her stuff across the TV screen when you were 16.

The videographers/classic car nuts, Petrolicious, seek out collectors and enthusiasts alike, to bring us films of what it’s like to drive (and own) some of the rarest cars on the planet. Luckily, they caught up with car collector, Denis Varni, and his 1970 Lamborghini Miura S. Enjoy!

Can you believe that they were only $19,000 new?! We’ve sure come along way when you consider the flagship Lambo (Aventador) now retails at $397k. They made a concept Miura back in 2006, but I wonder what the car would be styled like now, and how much it would list for?

What are your guesses? Would you buy a Miura, right now, if you could? Let us know in the comments, below.

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Photo cred: Jeremy Cliff