UPDATE: The Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 Has Arrived


What’s next for Lamborghini?

[This post has been updated as of 3/1/2016]

We recently heard that Lamborghini will be announcing, yet another new model to their lineup, and it may be a replacement to the beloved Aventador. International Geneva Motor Show set the stage for Lamborghini to unveil their all new One-Off Hypercar, commemorating the founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini’s centenary (hence the name). 

Here’s your first look at the LP 770-4!

image lamborghini centenario geneva motor show 2016

front 3/4 look

image lamborghini centenario geneva motor show 2016

3/4 angle of the rear

Now that we’ve finally confirmed the LP 770-4 or Centenario exists, our jaws are on the floor. “Centenario is Spanish for “Centenary” and was apparently chosen to honor the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lamborghini founder Ferruccio Lamborghini on April 28, 1916. The LP 770-4, meanwhile, would mean the car’s engine will be longitudinally-mounted at the rear, develop 770 metric horsepower (759 hp for American readers) and drive all four wheels.” (Source: Motor Authority)

Power aside, we think that the Centenario stole some design cues from the Huracán LP 610-4 and the Aventadors. What it did not take from the Huracán or the Aventador, are its production numbers. Lamborghini states, it will only produce 40 total units of the Centenario, and they will be broken up into two variations – “20 coupes and 20 roadsters” (Lamborghini.com). These numbers sound more inline with their last “one off project” the Veneno (seen below).


Which do you like better?

The venomous $4million dollar Veneno? Or Ferruccio’s hundredth anniversary gift, the Centenario?


image lamborghini centenario geneva motor show 2016

full profile shot

image lamborghini centenario geneva motor show 2016

Does anyone see the resemblance to the Huracán?

image lamborghini centenario geneva motor show 2016


We’re proud to see that Lamborghini is sticking to what it does best: Create some of the most outlandish road going machines we’ll ever see, as well as producing some high revving V12 engines that sound like a jet is taking off beside you. There are some more Xtreme stats and numbers that pair well with a V12 engine, which are a 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds, top speeds of 217 mph, and a weight of 3,351 lbs. We’re sure that the LP 770’s carbon fiber body and monocoque tub have something to do with that.

In fact, the only number that doesn’t bode well with us, is the price tag. Although, all 40 units are already accounted for, if you did want to snag one of these raging bulls, it would only cost you about $2 million. Only… two… million. However, this car sounds like a completely liveable car for the roads of America and beyond. In fact it even integrated internet technology and Apple’s CarPlay infotainment system. We’re not even sure what a sound system sounds like in a Lambo, we’re only listening to the sweet tunes reverberating behind your cranium.

image lamborghini centenario geneva motor show 2016

Front quarter glance

image lamborghini centenario geneva motor show 2016

Profile of the rear

They must expect buyers to use it on the road, although we’re certain this will be a nice addition to a someone’s collection of garage queens… It has similar suspension to existing Lamborghinis on the market today, and they even kept track folks in mind, with the addition of rear-wheel steering (much like our Porsche GT3’s).

Although you may never see one of these cars on the road or track near you, we sure hope that if you come across one, that you share it with us here at Xtreme. On that note, let us know what you think about the newly released Centenario in the comments below. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Photos by Drew Phillips Photography for Autoblog.com

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