What would you do if you had a Lamborghini for a day?


What would you do if you had a Lamborghini for a day?


It’s a question that never gets old. We dream of these cars from posters we idolized since childhood. But why? What is it about these cars that gets us so excited to see one?

For a lot of us it’s the looks. These cars are true works of art. They’ve been built and developed in wind tunnels to be the most aerodynamic things on 4-wheels. While famous designers like Bertone & Pininfarina give artistic credibility to these cars, the engineers make them into something amazing that sends chills down your spine. Next is the sound – when you hear the rumble of a supercar idling just before it takes off there’s nothing better at that moment. You’re immediately torn between thinking “that’s awesome” and “is that really necessary?” The answer is simply yes.

These cars are not meant to be used for your daily commute. You’ll never see them going to the grocery store or shopping at Target, because that would be hell. With almost no trunk space, zero miles to the gallon, and poor visibility what are these cars really good for then?

Again, it’s a simple answer: for fun. As Richard Hammond from Top Gear puts it best about the Pagani Zonda, “It’s the pantomime of supercars.” These cars are meant to be show stoppers; they demand attention and take you for the ride of your life each and every time. They’re meant for having fun and enjoying the little things, and to feel like a kid again. They will excite and thrill you constantly and sometimes even scare you, but that’s OK. Because you’ll catch your breathe and remember that you’re driving a supercar the way it was meant to be driven.

And there’s nothing better than the rush you get from taking one to the limits on a race track, trust us – we know.


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