LaFerrari Buyers Willing to Pay Double


Couldn’t you have guessed that this would happen?


With Ferrari’s latest accomplishment, major supercar collectors are bitting at the bit to own one. So much so they’re even willing to shell out TWICE the price!

Ferrari is keeping a closed lid on the LaFerrari, only offering those exclusive Ferrari owners a chance at paying the $1.7 million asking price. Not just any millionaire is allowed to purchase the latest hypercar. However, the demand has grown so much so that anyone who isn’t able to purchase the car through Ferrari are willing to pay DOUBLE; that’s $3.4 million! To put this into perspective for you, that’s now surpassing Bugatti Veyron prices.

Whether collectors want to add it to their already sick lineup or simply want it for investment purposes, that’s something to be said about Ferrari’s decision for exclusivity. So much so that Ferrari’s competitors are lagging behind. Oracle Finance says that McLaren’s P1 is currently only demanding a $500k premium over sticker price while the Porsche 918 is only at a $335k premium.

LaFerrari in Showroom LaFerrari_Interior Divider

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