Is this the most insane torque wrench ever?


When we landed the brand new Porsche 991 GT3, we were excited to have a new toy play with at the office and track. What everyone (besides the Xtreme Xperience technician) didn’t know, was that we needed to purchase a medieval sized wrench to remove the wheels and tighten the lugs!

Xtreme Xperience technician unboxing of the 500 ft-lbs torque wrench for the GT3

Unboxing of the 500 ft-lbs torque wrench for the GT3

Due to the fact that Porsche goes to such great lengths to ensure that they’re putting out a product of such great quality, strength, and performance that they do not cut corners. No if, and’s, or but’s about it! The GT3 is built to be a racecar for the road and track. To achieve the performance that is needed to compete with the big boys, the GT3 is fitted with racing components, through and through. Starting with the engine and working its way down to the tarmac, directly through the wheels and tires.

Just like past GT3’s , the 991 is fitted with a singular center-locking lug. The lug is the size of an adults palm, and requires a very specific sequence to tighten it spec. The sequence goes something like this: use a four-foot lug wrench with a max torque spec of about 500 ft-lbs, and tighten the lug to 443 ft-lbs, back it off 60 degrees, return to 443 ft-lbs, back it off again, and back to 443. That won’t be improving anyones pit times!

Once we received the tool, we couldn’t help ourselves… we had to assemble it, and see it in all its glory. Check it out!

Xtreme Xperience crew holding new torque wrench for porsche gt3

Our VP of Marketing is a few inches over six foot!

xtreme xperience crew member demonstrating use and length of porsche gt3 torque wrench

We’re getting a demonstration from the master tech himself.

Here’s a video of the torque sequence on a 997 (it’s roughly the same).

So, incase anyone’s looking for Thor’s hammer… looks like we found it!

Cartoon Thor and his hammer

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