Drive of the Week: In-Car Video Ferrari at NOLA


Our customer hits 140 mph + in a Ferrari 458 Italia at NOLA

This week’s featured drive takes us over to our permanent location, NOLA Motorsports Park (NMP). Our home-track in the Big Easy allows you to book a drive in advance or arrive the day of, and get on track in the supercar of your choice. This means, tons of locals and visitors get the chance to Xperience NMP at their leisure. Lucky! What this also means, is that we’re able to casually help you all y’all (that’s more like it) cross “Drive a Supercar on a Racetrack” off of your bucket lists, every day of the week. 

With all the recent sunshine in Louisiana, tons of epic drives have been uploaded to YoutTube. In this case, we found a recent driver’s video that made us say, ‘I think we just found our next DTW!” (Drive of The Week). Keep scrolling to see why. 

xtreme xperience supercars on apex at NOLA motorsports park

Superstars and supercars of Xtreme NOLA

That sure is a sight for sore eyes, isn’t it? 

This week’s video features a car fanatic, who received his Xtreme Xperience as a gift. Based on the initial conversation in the video, we think he was a bit nervous to be on track in a $200k Ferrari for the first time – understandable. That was until he opened it up on the straight, and nearly passes 145mph. Not bad, Larry! 

Watch highlights of Lenny’s drive in the Ferrari 458 at NOLA Motorsports Park:  

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With brilliant instruction from Walter (our lead instructor – NMP), we think Lenny had a blast in our Ferrari 458. He even managed to make a new friend on Turn 3, saying “Hey Cone!” each time he passed. Nice work! 

Check out Larry’s full video, HERE! 

So, do you think Lenny’s drive in the Ferrari 458 deserves DTW? Let us know in the comments below. 

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