The Epic Hybrid Battle Returns – Chris Harris


Will Chris Harris finally settle the score between the Hypercar Hybrids?

This time on the Holy Trinity Showdown, the internet’s best car reviewer has a go in the McLaren P1, LaFerrari and the Porsche 918 Spyder. In this instalment of Chris Harris on Cars, Chris finds himself in Portugal, at the Portimao Circuit, providing every car enthusiast with this week’s dose of Car Porn. In this case, it’s a ménage à trois.

image of Chris Harris driving LaFerrari

Doing what he does best

Nevermind the fact that another shootout between these three (hypercars) already exists, or that one still has yet to be seen (cough-TopGear-cough). This is the guy we want to see behind the wheel of these hypercars, and give them the beans. We already know that Hammond is going to pick the Porsche, May will drive the Ferrari (slowly), and the P1 will lie in Clarkson’s hands. Which means…we’ll end on some “bombshell” and hopefully see the best lap times. So, is it really worth waiting for?

The fact we know Chris Harris will give us an unbiased review tire-shredding-fest, seems to suggest that we’ll have the answers we’ve all been looking for. Or maybe just a lot of roasted tires, and an epic video of power slides. Safe to say, we’re calling this a win-win!

image chris harris driving porsche 918 spyder

Testing limits of the 918

What happens when you start watching this video, is that you listen to Chris and company (Tiff Needell and Marino Franchitti) talk about these cars, just as you or I would. After the lap times are set, and Chris makes a few remarks about how his drives went, the trio then sets out for some wheel-to-wheel fun.

The way they react to driving these Hypercars, allows you forget you’re watching this video for an answer to the question – which one’s the best? You quickly begin to realize, the only thing that really matters, is that these are the MOST AMAZING CARS ON THE PLANET! How do we know that? Watch their faces light up, like a kid’s on Christmas morning!

Image chris_harris-P1 portimao circuit portugal

Lighting them up in the P1

Even though the forums will dispute numbers and argue for ages; the fact of the matter is, three of the world’s largest competitors in automotive history were all there to make ensure their experience would be one they’d never forget. Allowing these cars to be pushed to their limits, for the sake of your reaction and mine. Listen, we all know that one is going to be the “fastest” and that someone has to win, but does that mean we’ll know if they’re the best? Fortunately for us, this video allows us to live vicariously through them, as they duke it out on the track – in search of our answer.

image chris harris reviews drives p1, laferrari, 918

The Holy Trinity

On to the show!

There you have it.

As Harris put it, we just heard the “least definitive conclusion” as to which car is the best. So, it’s down to us to decide. What car is the best? Let us know in the comment section below.