How We Choose Our Supercars


For Xtreme Xperience, choosing our fleet of supercars can feel an awful lot like choosing between a fine grass-fed steak, and a burger that’s fresh off the grill at your favorite burger chain. Each is delicious, carefully crafted to fine specifications and each has its legions of fans. So, how can you possibly choose?

Well, it really comes down to the moment you want to have. That reliably delicious burger may be calling your name after a long night out on the town, but impressing that new client is best served by that nouveau steakhouse that just opened downtown.  Both choices are amazing, but each has its own strengths and weaknesses for the moment at hand. 

Choosing supercars for our fleet is a fine dance between offering a world-class experience for our customers, and dealing with the realities of transporting and operating finicky supercars all over the country. 

Let’s explore more.

Why We Have To Choose Supercars

As much as we’d love to haul around 30 supercars to some of the best tracks across the United States, there are severe logistical limitations to consider. 

First off, we transport all of our supercars in specially built semi-trucks and each of these trucks can only hold 6 vehicles each. To make financial, and logistical sense, we need to keep the number of supercars to multiples of 6. Once the cars arrive at the track, we run into the next limitation: track space.

Having an excessive amount of cars on the track causes two major logistical problems for our on-site teams. In addition to the semis, personal, hospitality tents, and waiting areas, we also need to consider where the supercars themselves will be parked during track days. Then, once we start hitting the track, we need to leave space in between each car as drivers careen around the circuit. We know you’d love some wheel-to-wheel racing, but our stomachs and our insurance company say otherwise. Lastly, more cars at one time mean more people and more people means more services, required space, etc. 

Repairs are also a constant reality for onsite teams and bringing more equipment to fix more cars causes headaches for nearly everyone involved. Oh, and if one car breaks, it’s out and well, we don’t want our cars to be out. We want them ripping around the track with you behind the wheel and some cars (like our recently departed McLaren supercars) just can’t hang in there for a busy season of hard-driving. 

So, the conclusion to all this? We need to carefully choose what cars we bring along for the ride. 

How We Choose Our Supercars

We do what we do because our customers are incredible, and we want to keep them happy. People wanted the opportunity to drive the latest generation GT3, so we brought it to our Open Road tour. Many asked for some muscle car options, so we brought a Shelby GT500 to the party. Bottom line, your opinion matters a whole hell of a lot, but it’s not the only thing we consider.

As much as we’d all love to fulfill our supercar fantasies, some cars just don’t make business sense for Xtreme Xperience. A perfect example of this is the Dodge Viper, which is often requested but just not something we can put in our fleet for a number of reasons. To learn more, check out our recently posted blog on the Viper here. As incredible as these bespoke vehicles are, most of them belong in a museum and not on a track getting hammered by amateur drivers. 

Speaking of amateur drivers, we also need to make sure that our vehicles aren’t too crazy for people who’ve never driven around a track. We’ve had vehicles in our fleet in the past that, let’s just say, encouraged drivers to really push it around a track. One too many close calls later, we nixed that amazing car from the lineup because it was just so damned fast. 

The bottom line: Our cars need to be popular with drivers, be a reasonable business decision, and not be too crazy.

Come Drive With Us

Although this all may sound a bit serious, in reality, we’re just a bunch of car geeks who are having the time of our lives. 

We want you to come out and join us because, well, driving fast cars around a track is an experience of a lifetime, and sharing that time with family, friends or co-workers just makes it that much better. Our fleet of Porsches, Ferraris, and more are designed to put a huge smile on your face. Our tame racing instructors are here to maximize your fun quotient and teach you how to go from amateur to a professional who knows how to follow a racing line and maximize corner entry speeds.

See you at the circuit!