How to Give a Memorable Gift to a Car Guy


At Xtreme Xperience, we entertain and talk to ‘car guys’ every day, and there is a common theme that comes up in many of these conversations: They got their Xtreme Xperience as a gift! Usually, said ‘car guy’ will be telling us their story as their proud wife, fiancé or girlfriend stands by his side, knowing that she just NAILED the perfect gift.

“I had to hold in this secret for many months considering his birthday is not until October 29th…”


But we don’t always get to see the full story behind how she gave him this memorable gift. Enter April and Jason James from Louisville, KY. April reached out to us and explained how she wanted to give her husband, Jason a memorable 40th birthday gift. Here’s what she had to say:


I had to hold in this secret for many months considering his birthday is not until October 29th. I will reveal the present on October 30th at our favorite restaurant in Louisville, Ky. called Decca. Here is how I am going to tell him:

Jason will be driving a Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari 458 Italia, and a Porsche 911 GT3 at Atlanta Motorsports Park on November 14, 2015. 

I ordered Hotwheels of the very same cars he will be driving. My friend is making a cake that will look like a raceway. The Hotwheels will be place on the cake as well as the Atlanta Motorsports Park logo. The waiter (who is our favorite) at Decca will bring out the cake for dessert. Jason will probably think, “What a cool cake, it has the cars that I like on it.” Then I will hand him the gift bag which says Porsche on it. I stopped at the Porsche dealership and picked up a bag. Inside that bag will be a shirt that says Xtreme Xperience. He then will put two and two together.

Yippee!!! There will be a go pro camera on every car and Lead Car laps for Jason. It will be a weekend getaway and we will be staying at some really cool places… 

Thank you Xtreme Xperience for making this so exciting!

Now THAT is what we like to call a memorable gift!

Taking April’s example, we made a quick step-by-step guide and even provide some of our own suggestions, as well as examples to help you out.

How to give a memorable gift to a car guyBefore you start on your gift package, pick out the ultimate gift for any car enthusiast. We recommend an Xtreme Xperience in one of our Supercars. Once you select the car/s that you know they will love to drive on a racetrack, it’s time to plan your gift delivery.

Here are some things to consider:

  • How soon will they use this gift, or when is the event you’re attending?
    • This will help you find the best way to deliver your surprise.
  • You can’t fit a Lamborghini through your door or under a tree, so what’s something that you can put in their hand?
  • Where will you be when you tell them about their gift?

Ready? Here are the 3-steps and suggestions: 

  1. Once you know where you’re going to reveal the gift to your car lover, you can give them a hint. April custom built a cake, but we recommend anything out of the XX Shop.
  2. Sit them down and prepare to blow their minds with the awesome news. April had James ready for a nice dinner, where dessert would be the cake she made. Extra sweet way to finish the surprise, right?
  3. Unveil your teaser gift to him or her, and get your camera ready for some gigantic grins and giggles.
    1. Then… let ’em have it! If you’re like April,  tell them they will be headed out to the track for a life changing experience, that they’ll never forget!

Bonus: Eat that delicious looking cake, but hang onto the toy cars for a keepsake! 😉

Are you looking for a way to present your Xtreme Xperience to a future driver? We now sell 1:32 scale toy cars of (some) vehicles in our fleet.

image lamborghini gallardo toy car

Lamborghini LP560-4

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