How the McLaren 12C can Save Your Life


The McLaren 12C (as it’s now known) is the first supercar to come out of the McLaren Workshop since the F1 back in the early 1990s’. With its’ innovative design and Formula 1 inspired technologies it is one of the most versatile and potent supercars on the road today.

So how can the McLaren 12C save your life you might ask… Well, a lot of the time we imagine all the innovation goes towards the power of the engine and aerodynamics to make the car turn a lap faster around a racetrack. However, so much of the technology these days is to help the car handle better and provide more safety features, and the McLaren is the perfect advocate for this.

Carbon Fiber Monocell

Also known as the monoque, McLaren spent about 4,000+ hours developing its monocell for the F1 nearly 20 years ago. Today, it takes just 4 hours to develop the one at the heart of the 12C. The carbon fiber monocell provides a protective structure that offers exceptional levels of safety for the driver and passenger.

Active Aerodynamics

The Active Aerodynamics in the 12C play an integral part to its safety. Its’ massive wing adds stability and downforce at high speeds while also acting as an air brake to stop quicker than most anything else out there. The 12C is able to brake from 120 mph to a complete stop in under 5 seconds and can do 60-0 mph in under 98 ft (which is roughly seven car lengths).

Brake Steer

The 12C is named after one of McLaren’s famous Formula 1 cars, the MP4/12, because they each share this feature. The MP4/12 F1 car had a second brake pedal which was used to counter understeer on the exit of the corners by applying more brake pressure to the inside rear wheel. Since the days of the MP4/12, McLaren has perfected their computer controlled “Brake Steer” system that’s featured on the 12C along with the P1 and 650S.

Proactive Chassis Control

Also known as PCC, according to McLaren it’s the most radical rethink of sports car suspension. PCC allows you to cruise comfortably while remaining flat and roll-free through corners when you really want to bomb through the track. Coupled with Brake Steer and Active Aerodynamics the handling of the 12C is smooth yet direct and agile.

So whether you’re simply driving around and somebody cuts you off, or you’re out for a track day and took a corner a bit too quick, the McLaren 12C and all of its’ features can help you steer clear of possible danger and protect you inside and out.

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