Making the Honor Roll Will Never Be the Same


What will happen next? Xtreme and The Annex team up for Honor Roll pt 2.  

Last year we partnered with the creative team at The Annex who made a promise to a neighborhood high school. The promise was to inspire change in the way students at Wells Community Academy High School thought of education. If achieving success in academics was perceived as being “cool,” then their standards would be elevated.

Here’s how it played out. 

Following last year’s activation, Wells’

Honors Students increased by 133%!

We knew that simply “making the list” (honor roll) didn’t mean enough to these young men and women who had outperformed their peers. There needed to be a reason for them to continue on the right path, be it graduating or pursuing a degree. Breaking the mold of what academic success looked like would need to be done in such a way that could capture the attention of every student. Otherwise, our efforts would fall on deaf ears. Combining our fleet of exotic cars, professional racecar drivers, and live entertainment at the school, we turned more than a few heads. We made an impact. 

Honor Roll 1.0 garnered over 20 million impressions

via local press social media channels.

honor roll 2016 black ferrari 458 wells high school student with xtreme xperience and annex chicago

1st class ride for those who are 1st in their class. (1 of 3 honor roll students)

First in Class extends well beyond an Italian sports car. It defines our mission and promise to future stars of tomorrow. We decided to start with those students who were first in class at Wells Academy, by offering them a first class experience on their first day of school. Not a bad way to kick off the year, right?

This year, we’re going to be raising the bar. We’ve brought on new partners to take the program to new heights. Get ready Honor Students of Wells Academy. School is just around the corner. 

The quality of education for all the knowledge hungry students of Wells Academy depends on more than just The Annex and Xtreme Xperience. Which is why we have started a Go Fund Me page. 

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Your donations will help provide schools supplies and other resources for students at WCAHS.