Boost your health, have an adrenaline rush


When was the last time you experienced something powerful enough to remind you that you’re alive?!

Sure, a paper cut might do the trick… however, instances that remind us we’re human are often surrounded by monumental events or emotional scenarios. In reality, those instances only surface from time-to-time, meaning we need to breathe a bit of life into our memory banks in order to fill a void. The issue with waiting for something great to happen, requires a juggling act with all the day-to-day situations tossed our way. 

This means the most likely outcome is stress we incur from the number of scenarios we have balancing on our shoulders. You know, the usual suspects: being late to something important, getting into an argument with a spouse or co-worker, or maybe even a speeding ticket. (Thankfully you can’t get one of those stress inflictors on the racetrack)


There’s no way to go around it, stress pops up so frequently, that we may carry it around with us for long periods of time. In case you didn’t catch my drift, stress is terrible and just thinking about stress, stresses me out.

On the count of three, let’s all take a deep breath. 1-2-3… inhale, and now exhale. Relax.

We have a proven way to shed some of your stress!

Stress is so commonly discussed and referred to, that there’s an institute for stress (there seriously is). The American Institute of Stress says stress can be physical and emotional, but more importantly, it can be extremely detrimental to our health. What if we told you that not all stress is harmful? In fact, adding bits of stress in certain ways can actually improve your quality of life, both immediately and long term. How about that! The solution to stress is more stress. Wait, what? 

woman inside her car, frustrated and angrily screaming

The good stress comes in the form of an adrenaline rush! If you ask us, there’s no better way to get rid of some stress than going for a drive. Now, that could mean several things. Your drive might include a long, countryside cruise, or maybe you’d prefer to dial it up to let’s say…11! Now you’re in for an adrenaline fueled, stress-shredding therapy session. That’s what we’re talking about! 

Here’s why a rush of adrenaline can be great for your health:

Men’s Health Magazine tells us that receiving an adrenaline rush from scenarios that are risky, unpredictable, and social will garner a positive stress response; additionally, these singular events of stress, where we receive an adrenaline rush are actually beneficial for us. How so? They say that these “activities that are physically and mentally stressful help your body react better to stress in everyday life”.

Guess what? The benefits didn’t stop there!


We learned a few facts from, like these: adrenaline rushes “increase the number of antioxidants circulating in your system, which combat free radicals that can cause aging and tissue damage.” Also, short-lived stresses (such as an adrenaline rush) will actually improve other factors surrounding an experience. This is called “the excitation transfer process.” This has to be correct. I mean, burnt rubber does start to smell pretty good while traveling at 100+mph, believe it or not – it’s science!

Okay. Maybe burnt rubber doesn’t smell that great, but I bet if you ask an XX instructor what his/her favorite scent is, burning rubber is probably in the Top 5!

What we recognized is that almost all scenarios in which an adrenaline rush is achieved means there are opportunities to push through the “fight-or-flight” (produced by a sudden rush of adrenaline) response and use your heightened senses, to create unforgettable memories and improve your health. In most cases, your first time driving 100+mph has stuck with you due to the rush you experienced, which we know will not escape your memory anytime soon.

Now, just imagine what impression you will be left with, after ripping a supercar around a racetrack? Click the big orange button below to improve your life or someone else’s, by giving them an adrenaline rush they’ll never forget!

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