GT-R Ads Slice into Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche


Nissan’s cooking up a storm with their 2015 GT-R Nismo, not with these ads unfortunately.


“Godzilla” is by far an incredible supercar for the money no doubt, and this coming Nismo edition is bound to be the most insane version of the GT-R yet. Nothing is set in stone with its’ figures just yet, but Nissan is estimating 0-60 around 2.0 seconds (they’re even ballsy enough to print it on the butcher’s knives).

And while these ads promote how awesome the GT-R truly is, you won’t be seeing any of them in your next issue of Road & Track or Car and Driver. Apparently these fake advertisements may be seen as a blatant attack against their Italian and German competition… well duh’! I guess we’ll just have to enjoy them here on the web where they’re more likely to be seen anyway.


GTRad2 GTRad3

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