Does This Mean Goodbye Nissan GT-R?


Does last week’s video from Nissan mean goodbye Nissan GT-R? Last week, to accompany their press release, Nissan released the below video. Titled, NISSAN NEXT: From A to Z, the video teases each of the upcoming Nissan models that will make up their lineup and hopefully propel them back into making money. Despite keeping us in the dark (pun intended) on much of Nissan’s future lineup, the video puts a spotlight on two major areas of speculation.

First, the video confirms the next generation of the Z car. It’s long been rumored that the greying 370Z will be replaced by a Supra-fighting coupe, likely named the 400Z. 

Second, and more significantly to us,  the 72-second long video lacks the silhouette of a Godzilla. This causes us to ask, is this goodbye Nissan GT-R? The video claims to show ALL the future models from Nissan, leaving the only hope for it’s future being that the GT-R has lived partially detached from the demise of Nissan over the past decade. Could it be that, like Hyundai’s Genesis, the GT-R will live on as its own brand, eventually spawning a GT-R SUV (long live the Juke Nismo!), GT-R four-door, and others? We digress significantly. 

The only official word that we have seen is a response that Motor Trend received during their own investigation into the GT-R’s future. Nissan responded, “Other than what appears in the video, we have no additional information to share at this time. GT-R is and remains an important part of our brand and DNA however nothing to share at this time beyond the 2020 Model Year.”

To us, that’s a bit of hope. We’ll sit back enjoying the current GT-R in our fleet, knowing that it remains an automotive icon and distinguished member of our fleet. As for what’s next for our fleet is the GT-R is no more, we have to think on that a bit more. Stay tuned. 




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