How to Give the Gift They’ll Never Forget


We’re kicking buyer’s remorse to the curb. Here’s how…

Finding the perfect gift is a battle all in its own, but what if you’re giving something like a supercar driving experience? That’s not something you can simply wrap a bow on and call it a day. Especially since most of the time all you’re able to give is a printed confirmation for an intangible gift.

couple high five at track in front of black ferrari

Over the past few years I’ve seen tons of people post on social media about how they gave our Xperience, and it’s been fantastic to see how creative some people have become.

From what we’re told, this is the type of gift that is not only great to receive, but it’s equally as fun to give. In light of that, we thought we would share some of the best gifting ideas that have popped up in our social feeds. This way, when it’s YOUR turn to give an Xperience, you have a few ways to present your perfect gift.

Find the right way to give the perfect gift:

image xtreme car guy gift cake

Decorative Birthday Cakes

I’m not that big a fan of cakes myself, but this is one cake I wouldn’t shy from at all. April from Kentucky sent us this photo of a cake she had made to look like a tire with podiums to showcase the cars her husband would be driving. After a wonderful dinner at their favorite restaurant the waiter brought this out and she gave him a bag with an Xtreme Xperience shirt. This is one time where they got their cake and ate it too.


The “False Front” Surprise

excited couple with surprise with lamborghini drive at race track

This idea comes straight from an event I worked in Oklahoma. As I stood with our front of house staff, a woman and her family walked up to check her father in for the Xperience. Chelsea, one of our front of house staff members, already knew what was going on just from talking with them on the phone weeks before – so of course we all played along. Her father then asked, “so where are we taking the family photo?” At that moment the woman, who was already tearing up, explained that they weren’t here for family photos, but instead were there so that he could drive a Ferrari – his dream car. Queue the speechlessness…

Although not everyone would fall for such a ruse, a little white lie can sometimes be just the trick to make a strong impact.

Full Throttle Gift Package

Add the Full-Throttle Pack

If you haven’t already picked this up during checkout, this option is for those who don’t want to make a big show out of it. This past year made us truly realize how often our Xperience was given as a gift that we decided to put together a gift package of our own! The Full Throttle package includes both the photo & video packages, an apparel item of your choosing and a spectator pit pass. With the package you’ll also receive an event ticket, which is much cooler than handing over the event confirmation email.

Did you forget to add a Full Throttle Package during checkout? 

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Got a Creative Idea?

We’re always looking for fun creative ways our customers have given this uniquely awesome gift. If you have a great idea, share it in the comments below and yours could be added to this post!