The 5 Best Gifts For A Car Enthusiast This Valentine’s Day


So you’re dating (or married to) a car enthusiast, which means as we approach February, you need to know, “What do I get a car enthusiast for Valentine’s Day.” Well, put your lovestruck mind to rest, we've got the best gifts for a car enthusiast this Valentine's Day

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him or Her

Before we dive into these amazing car enthusiast gifts, let’s be clear about something. Finding the best Valentine’s gifts for a car guy (or girl!) is possible (read on for ideas) but takes some effort. Key to knowing what Valentine’s Day gift for him or what Valentine’s Day gift for her is going to actually be meaningful comes down to getting in their shoes!

The 5 Best Gifts For A Car Enthusiast

With this in mind, as a married car enthusiast writing this here are the best Valentine’s gifts for a car enthusiast:

  • An Exterior & Interior Detailing
  • An Automotive Subscription
  • Car Lego 
  • Car Enthusiast Apparel
  • A Supercar Xperience

Valentine’s Day Advice

As you read this list, keep in mind that at its core, Valentine’s Day is about showing someone you care about a little extra love! These ideas may not sound good to you, but channel your valentine’s deep passion for cars and think about how they might LOVE the gift.

5 Amazing Valentine’s Day Gifts For Car Enthusiasts:

1- A Practical Gift This Valentine’s Day: An Exterior & Interior Detailing.

Valentine’s Day comes in the depths of winter, meaning that whatever car they drive each day is likely getting pummeled by snow, rain, or general road grime at the moment. Inside, this is the time of year when floor mats offer an obtrusive funk, covered up only by an unhealthy combination of food and - if you have kids who frequent the car - strange "kid smells." 

While your valentine may have aspirations to clean it themselves, having a professional with white gloves show their car love can be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a car enthusiast. Most detailing shops offer a gift card or some type of prepaid option with a variety of packages.

Give them a wash and wax for the outside and a deep clean and shampoo on the inside. Spurge and give them the extras, a better interior cleaner, engine shine, etc. While your car enthusiast may not initially see the deep care in this Valentine’s Day gift, I guarantee that when they arrive home with a shiny car that smells like clean laundry, they’ll thank you. Note: You may even find yourself not permitted to eat, drink, or ride in the car for a long period of time afterwards.

2- A Quarantine Valentine’s Day Gift: An Automotive Subscription

We car enthusiasts love living vicariously through our fellow enthusiasts who have access to the latest and greatest of our automotive fantasies. A great Valentine’s Day gift for him is a subscription to his favorite automotive magazine or show. There are a whole host of great options, you just need to find what your car enthusiast valentine’s niche is. If you are unsure, here are a few foolproof options:

  • Road & Track. A long-time print powerhouse, Road & Track recently began offering a tiered subscription called “The Track Club” with options starting at $75. Very suave production.
  • Top Gear Magazine. Though the Magazine and show has moved on from the polarizing hosts Clarkson, May, and Hammond, it still offers high quality content that is some of the bread and butter for casual car enthusiasts. A one-year subscription is $100.
  • Motortrend On Demand. An authority in car reviews with a stunning magazine (also a great gift) is now offering a car enthusiast-focused streaming service. It includes access to watch shows like Top Gear, Roadkill, and a host of other MT originals for $4.99 / month. 

3- Valentine’s Day Can Be Fun: Get Him LEGO

You heard me. LEGO has unabashadly displayed affection for car enthusiasts through its range of automotive sets. What will make this Valentine’s gift for him so perfect is that LEGO has managed to capture the passion of car enthusiasts in their attention to detail. With massive sets like the Porsche RSR or Bugatti Chiron you could go BIG on the best valentine’s day gift for a car enthusiast in your life. Meanwhile, the Speed Champions line also provides the fun of LEGO and subtle nods to your valentine’s deep passion for cars - without breaking the bank. Something to consider - however big of a set you go with, be ready to display it somewhere prominently (those bigger sets tend to be up to 3 feet long). 

4- The Best Valentine’s Day Gift For Him AND YOU: Automotive Apparel

A shirt or hat that screams “I’m a car enthusiast” may be the perfect gift for him or perfect gift for her this Valentine’s Day. Thankfully, tasteful graphic tees can be made stylish so this one may be a win for you as a few different companies are making car enthusiast apparel that is stylish and subtle. A few options include:

  • Blipshift offers shirts for a variety of niches, often with creative styles. Some of them get pretty deep into certain aspects of car culture, so you may need to phone one of your Valentine’s enthusiast friends for a second opinion. 
  • Heel Tread makes sylish socks that could be worn to the office without being noticed.
  • Tuner Cult  creates apparel that is bold and brash. There’s no hiding that this apparel is FOR car enthusiasts. 
  • Counter Kultur also takes car guy only topics and creatively translates them into apparel.

5- Give Them A Drive In A Supercar This Valentine’s Day

The driver’s seat will always be where a car enthusiast wants to be. At Xtreme Xperience, they can swap their daily driver for a variety of different supercars ranging from Ferraris to Hellcats. Let them choose the car with a gift voucher or go bold and book the supercar that will be the best Valentine’s Day gift for him / her.

Each supercar experience includes a 3-4 lap drive at full speed on a racetrack. Nervous that your Valentine’s Day car enthusiast gift may be a little dangerous? Xtreme Xperience includes a 25-minute safety and track driving course, a racing helmet, and a professional instructor in the passenger seat to make sure they have the time of their life while staying safe.

These are our five best gifts for a car enthusiast this Valentine’s Day. We don’t want you to get this one wrong. Why? We’re car enthusiasts that want a great gift too - this comes from our heart. Give them something this year that speaks to what they are passionate about. Plus, don’t stress; show them some love and everything will be ok. Hopefully, they return the favor and it’s a great Valentine’s Day for all.