Gift Guide for the Ultimate Driving Enthusiast


Around the holidays, things get a bit crazy around the Xtreme Xperience office. Calls pour in from the everywhere, with shoppers looking to buy the ULTIMATE gift for their adrenaline seeking friends and family. Many of our participants are huge fans of specific supercars in our fleet. Meanwhile, several others arrive to the track purely to feel the rush from driving at high speeds. Nevertheless, we believe that everyone who books an Xtreme Xperience, is not only a car lover at heart, but also has driving in their soul!

Since we cannot bring all of our fans to track with us every day, we think it’s important that we equip you with the best gear to keep the driver in you alive – and prepared for your next day at the track! We consulted with our team of instructors and staff to find this year’s best gear to accompany your next Supercar Track Xperience. Here are some of the driving enthusiast must haves!

Xtreme Xperience’s Picks:

Safety is always first at the racetrack! Which is why we are starting with an essential piece of racing gear – the helmet! Here is one of our favorite motorsport helmets, that won’t break the bank.

Simpson Super Bandit Racing Helmet - black

Simpson Super Bandit Helmet

Simpson Super Bandit Racing Helmet: This helmet is available in black or white, and always has the look of Top Gear’s Stig written all over it! The bandit is Snell SA 2010 rated, compatible with head and neck restraints, and they included helmet bag for travel, and more. Several of our instructors use this helmet, and it comes highly recommended. Right now, you can find it for less than $500 online, here.

Hands on the wheel at all times, and eyes up means you better have a good grip on the wheel. Great for long drives, chilly or warm weather, and even while you’re at the track – we’ve got the gloves for you.

Autodromo Stringback Black Driving Gloves

Autodromo Gloves (black)

Autodromo Stringback Driving Gloves: Available in two colors, black and burgundy leather, they offer grip and protection, while the breathable cotton material keeps your hands cool and dry! Not to mention they’re some of the best looking gloves made specifically for driving. You can find these online, for about $125, here.

We were tired of getting stuck with the cheap and cheesy enthusiast driving gear on the internet, so we decided to make some of our own apparel to keep us satisfied. Designed in-house and centered around our instructors’ needs at the track, we put together something for everyone. Including some of our favorite slogans and expressions, straight from the mouths of our fans!

Xtreme Xperience assorted apparel and merchandise

Xtreme Xperience Merchandise

Xtreme Xperience Apparel: We have some awesome t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts and other track-wear for the fans who want to take the Xtreme Xperience look home with them. We only sell the products that we test and wear at the track, so if we love it, we’re sure you will too!

Visit our shop online, here.

Part of driving in style includes being stylish yourself, so your eyewear game needs to be on point! Afterall, you can’t kiss the apex of a turn, if you can’t see it coming… better get some shades! We hand picked a pair of sunglasses, which you will see on racing fans and drivers around the world!

Carrera 85/s Sunglasses

Carrera 85/s Sunglasses

Carrera 85/s Sunglasses: The Carrera eyewear line has been around since the 1950’s and are made for the sports car driver, on the road and the track. Unlike other brands, Carreras won’t cost you an arm and a leg, as you can find the 85/s sunglasses online for under $200! These glasses received their own featured story on Carrera’s site, and we’re totally drooling over them! Check them out, here.

Think you have what it takes to conquer the race track in a 500+ horsepower supercar? Despite the fact that you have played your fair share of video games, and dreamed of racing on the Nurburgring, it doesn’t make you a racing professional. Learning a bit about racing and driving on a racetrack is a good place to start out. Get an insiders perspective, and begin your path to gaining your racing chops with this book.

Going Faster! Mastering the Art of Race Driving book

Going Faster! Mastering the Art of Race Driving

Going Faster! Mastering the Art of Race Driving: When you’re in between track days, and you need to mentally prepare for your next driving Xperience, this book will give you the fix you need. Serving as a how-to book for race driving, it was written collaboratively by some of the industries best racing school instructors.

You can find this book online from Amazon.

Last but not least, and certainly most important…

lamborghini gallardo gift xtreme xperience

Xtreme Xperience’s Ultimate 3-car Track Xperience: We put YOU in the driver’s seat of 3 of our best supercars, on a REAL Racetrack with REAL Instruction! That is 9 adrenaline pumping laps, including insurance, for less than $700! You’ll get a firm understanding of what it’s like to drive 3 unique supercars to their limit, while conquering a racetrack.

Book your 3-Car Xperience, at a track near you! Click here.

Seeing as we are big time driving enthusiasts ourselves, we think this list is complete and worthy of Xtreme’s stamp of approval. Hopefully now you’re well equipped to find the perfect gift for the driving enthusiast in your life (or yourself), using our driving enthusiast’s gift guide.

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Happy Holidays!