Getting Started – 33 Exotic & Classic Cars Roar To Life!


Nothing can make your day more thrilling and exciting than starting up an exotic supercar and revving that engine like a boss!

It’s a feeling that can immediately put a smile on your face and change your whole mood. Hearing an exotic supercar can bring you back to your childhood when you first saw that sports car that you idolized for years after. The sound entices feelings and emotions that cannot truly be put into words, it can only be felt.

“Every epic story has a great start. ‘Getting Started’ is a short video that includes the sights, but more importantly the sounds, of 33 amazing vehicles roaring to life! From the ’69 Jaguar E-Type’s quiet Inline-6 to the the rumble of the Aventador’s 6.5L V12 and the punch of the Saleen S7’s twin turbos, we don’t often have the pleasure of hearing these fire up. Spanning decades, cylinder numbers, and displacements ­ each engine’s voice is as individual and recognizable as its body style. Just one of these cars is enough to get any automotive enthusiast’s attention, but hearing all 33 unique cars one after another is like a symphony to any gearhead’s ears!”

Check out Nitto’s video “Getting Started” and take a moment to appreciate what these cars can make you feel!



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