German Engineering Expertise


There are few countries in the world that have the automotive pedigree of Germany.

In fact, Germany has the honor of holding many “firsts” in the automotive world such as the first electric car courtesy of BMW in 1972 and the very first production car courtesy of Mercedes-Benz way back in 1886. The world’s largest automotive manufacturer (Volkswagen) is a German company, and this beautiful country also produces more cars than France, Italy, and the UK COMBINED. ½ of the vehicles destined for Europe come from Germany, while ¾ of luxury cars destined for export were designed in Germany.

A picture of a Volkswagen steering wheel.

No matter which way you swing it, the automotive titans of Germany are known for their world-beating and industry-defining practices. Let’s look at why Germany has become a country of automotive titans known for shattering industry perceptions. 

Leidenschaft and Detailverliebtheit

The German principles of Leidenschaft (passionate fervor) and Detailverliebtheit (attention to detail) have come to define the German automotive experience for lovers of beautiful cars the world over. When you think of German-engineered products, a certain level of quality and precision comes to mind. This is no accident, as German engineers live by this set of cultural norms that persists in much of German culture.

Picture of the world's first car, the "Motorwagen."
Photo Credits: George Lepp – Car and Driver

In 1886, Karl and Bertha Benz applied for a patent for the world’s first car. Then simply called the “Motorwagen”, this odd-looking wagon with a rickety 4-stroke motor would go on to convince traditional German residents that the devil did indeed exist and yet the world needed this brand new horseless devil wagon. Credit for the success of the Motorwagen undoubtedly goes to Bertha, who went on an infamous drive from Mannheim and her mom’s place in Pforzheim (194 KM) in the Motorwagen and showed it off along the way. This story alone is worth a read because let’s be clear, the journey was not without its issues. 

Through adversity, the idea persisted, and by the early 1900s, Benz & Cie was the largest automobile manufacturer in the world. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, Mercedes-Benz would eventually go on to become synonymous with German luxury but that isn’t the only success story here. Automotive innovation never really slowed down as Germany wound its way through the tumultuous years of war. In fact, it was WWII that would eventually force Ferdinand Porsche to work with the Third Reich to create Volkswagen and the end of WWI that would allow BMW to break free from selling aircraft engines. 

Since the end of WWII, German vehicles have come to be known all over the world for two things: performance and luxury. Take one look at our R8 V10 Performance or our selection of Porsche’s and it’s not hard to see that Leidenschaft and Detailverliebtheit are alive and well.

It All Starts With Education

A overview of students studying in a library.

Men and women who want to participate in the automotive industry in Germany must consider their path as early as high school, making it quite a commitment.

Many German universities offer automotive engineering disciplines, but unlike countries like the U.S.A., German colleges require a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or electrical engineering before moving into the automotive specialization. These universities are not only some of the best in the world, but are offered with little to no cost for tuition for German residents. 

Manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen have set up agreements with universities that allow qualified graduates to move laterally into automotive engineering roles with relative ease.

Research and Development Budget

This educated and motivated workforce is fed into an entrepreneurial environment that puts extreme focus on research and development. In fact, 1/3 of all R&D money spent in the WORLD for automotive purposes happens in Germany. How much? In 2018, German auto manufacturers spent a staggering 25.5 billion on R&D alone! Why does this matter? Precision-crafted automobiles.

Today, Germany is a leader in cutting-edge technology like autonomous vehicles and green solutions that range from true biofuel to electric vehicle infrastructure. 

Overengineered? We Think They’re Just Right

According to some enthusiasts, German vehicles are notorious for being unreliable or overly engineered. Is this really a problem? Sure, German manufacturers may not subscribe to the Japanese “Kaizen” method of meticulous manufacturing, but their Tüftler (tinkerer) mentality produces vehicles that are full of passion and solve problems you didn’t even know you had. They make vehicles designed to put a smile on your face, keep you safe and provide an optimal experience while underway.

A side profile shot of a green Porsche GT3 RS.

Are they as reliable as possible? Not always. 

Do we care? Nope!

Experience the glory of Mercedes, Audi, and Porsche with Xtreme Xperience

Since nearly half of our fleet are German supercars and sports cars that are made to get your blood boiling, you can bet we are fans of all things German. 

A front shot of a Mercedes AMG.

Once you hear the bellow of a GT3 RS or the absolute shriek of the R8 trust us, you’ll want to get behind the wheel. Not only will you get to drive these vehicles, but you’ll get to drive them where they belong: the race track. Our team of racing instructors will help you push these German performance machines to the absolute maximum limit by teaching you how to attack apexes and maximize braking zones. 

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