Fill Up Your Next Corporate Event Using These 6 Steps


Maximize attendance at your next corporate outing or private group event.

If you have ever been in charge of planning a private event for your company, you know the “knot in your stomach” feeling when you have zero RSVP’s in your inbox. Now, what do you do? Before all the finger-pointing begins, we have a sure-fire way to get each of your guests informed and lined up at the door for your next event.

Continue reading to see the six essential steps for filling the seats at your next event.  

corporate group event circuit of the americas JMI xtreme xperience

Corporate Group Event – Circuit of The Americas (2016)

These 6 Steps Will Help You Pack the House at Your Next Event.

  1. Create an event sign-up page or process that can be distributed to potential guests/staff who you’d like to attend your next event.
  2. The invitation should double as a “save the date,” enabling you to gauge the interests of those who you invite.
  3. Highlight the uniqueness of the event by informing them about the thrill of driving supercars on a real racetrack. This is a bucket list experience that allows YOU to get behind the wheel of an exotic car and push its limits!
  4. Enable your sales team/staff to help you market the event. 
    1. Share info about the event on social channels, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. We’ve included some sample images below, which you can use for your next event invitation.
    2. Ask your sales team to individually inform clients or vendors (who are on the guestlist) to engage with them about the event.
  5. Follow up with your list via email, and resend the e-invite to anyone who has yet to RSVP.
  6. Create an informative page or formal invite that details what participants will need to know before getting to the race track.
    • Here’s what to include:
      • An enthusiastic summary of what guests expect and why you’re hosting the event.
      • Detailed schedule or agenda for the day
      • Date, time and location
      • If your guests drive themselves, don’t forget to add parking instructions.
      • Dress code rules (some tracks are particular about items that must be worn)
      • All drivers are required to present a valid driver’s license.
      • Track insurance coverage is included in all group packages.
      • List out any costs associated with attending (being a participant) or if additional experiences are available for purchase. 
      • Let them know what’s included. Such as, what Supercars they will experience.
        • Be sure to mention they’re all semi-automatic transmissions, which do not require any manual shifting experience.
      • Don’t forget to plug your sponsors.
      • Include an FAQ section.

Now that you’ve read each of the six steps, you’re ready to work on your invites. Continue down the page to see samples from our past customers. Also, downloadable images for your private group/corporate event can be found below.

Click the button below to download a sample invitation & shareable images.  

Sample Images

Here’s what our clients have utilized in the past.

xtreme xperience corporate event sample invites

We’re only capable of hosting a successful event if your team and guests show up on track day. Now, we’d be happy to get in a few extra laps ourselves, but that’s beside the point. Nevertheless, we hope our guide and sample images help you make your next event Xtremely successful

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