The Matador’s Day – Celebrating Ferruccio


An Automotive Legend, Ferruccio Lamborghini, Was Born Today.

Picture of Ferruccio Lamborghini on a tractor next to, two Lamborghinis

Ferruccio’s Ultimate Lineup

Ferruccio Lamborghini set out to be unlike any other before him, and that’s exactly how his cars were made. There are virtually no other cars on the road that can be confused with a Lamborghini. The marque is instantly identifiable. Whether it’s the sound belting out of a V12 engine’s exhaust, or it’s low, wide and chiseled shape of the exterior, you can recognize a Lamborghini the moment you see it. Undoubtedly, these are some of the reasons why we love them, but there are many more. With a resounding level of respect, we wanted pay tribute to the founder of Automobili Lamborghini, the Matador himself – Ferruccio.

Since the production of the famous Miura, leading up to today’s supercar, the Huracán, a lot has happened: Ferruccio has come and gone, Lamborghini was purchased by a German Auto manufacturer (VW/Audi), over twenty-five thousand units have been sold, they have a motorsports division, and there are Lamborghinis found in every corner of the world!

picture of Ferruccio Lamborghini in his red lamborghini

A Lambo Made for a Bullfighter

Not many people know the real story about Ferruccio, but there’s some speculation of who he was, and what he did. Don’t worry, we can put you on the Supervolce track to knowing Mr. Lamborghini.

Here are 7 facts about Ferruccio Lamborghini that you never knew!

  1. Ferruccio was drafted by the Italian Air Force, where he developed his skills as a Mechanic.
  2. During WWII Ferruccio was taken as a prisoner, in 1945, returning home one year later.
  3. The name Lamborghini, stretches far past automobiles. He first built tractors, which became a direct connection to the development of Lamborghini’s cars.
  4. Obsessed with bullfighting, all supercars are named after Spanish bulls or terms used in bullfighting – with the exception of the Countach.
  5. The Raging Bull on the Lamborghini badge, is symbolic of Ferruccio’s zodiac sign, Taurus.
  6. Ferruccio’s inspiration to manufacture his own cars came from his dissatisfaction with other sports cars he owned – specifically his Ferrari 250GT.
    1. Enzo Ferrari refused his request to discuss transmission improvements, which Lamborghini had a solution for. He later used this knowledge to develop his own sports cars for the road.
  7. The first Lamborghini built used a powerful V12 engine. Developed by Ferruccio, and a former Ferrari V12 engine builder.

Born on April 28th in 1916, Ferruccio would have been 99 years old today. However, he lived to be 76 years old before passing in 1993. If alive today, he would have had a chance to see supercars on the roads of Sant’Agata Bolognese, such as the Aventador, and the Huracán. Read up on Ferruccio further, and you get the impression that he really just did what he wanted to do, when he wanted to do it. This is reflective in his separation from Automobili Lamborghini in the 1970’s. What’s more, is that his beliefs have been ingrained into the fabric of the automaker, and are still on display today.

Pic of Ferruccio Lamborghini in his elder years

The Look of the Bullfighter

Here’s to you Ferruccio!

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