Is Ferrari World’s Driving Experience Xtreme Enough?


You can drive an exotic car at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, but is it worth it?

If you’re a fan of motorsports – more specifically Formula 1 – there’s a good chance you have seen a race at Yas Marina Circuit, in Abu Dhabi. There are a few things that set this circuit apart from others; it’s one of the most exotic destinations on Earth, and Ferrari decided to stamp their name all over it, with the addition of Ferrari World.

image Aerial View of Ferrari World wikipedia

Aerial View of Ferrari World

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is located beside the circuit, allowing it to become a tourist attraction for Ferrari/Motorsports fans who are visiting the city and track. Essentially, it’s the Ferrari version of Disney World, sans Mickey Mouse. They do have other characters though, just incase that is your thing…

No, it’s not a horse. Yes, it is a camel.

image ferrari world ad camel mascot

There he is.

What we’re really here to tell you about, is our president Adam, who took a trip to Abu Dhabi (AD) with his wife, while making a pit stop at Ferrari World. Not to see what kind of characters they had strolling around, but to find out what type of experience could be had at THE FERRARI WORLD.

image of ferrari world abu dhabi entrance

We Made it!

The place was filled with gobs of Ferrari reds, yellows and Italian flare.  Offering entertainment and dining for families, and motorsports fans alike. The list of attractions are impressive, albeit we had suspected as much with the God-like footprint. What they quickly discovered, was that it’s existence was truly meant to be an “amusement park”, as opposed to a “Car Guy’s Sanctuary”.

image ferrari world racing simulator

Test Drive in the Simulator

image ferrari automobile sculpture at ferrari world abu dhabi

Talk about a Centerpiece

image ferrari automobile sculpture at ferrari world abu dhabi

How much for one of those in our shop?

What they did offer its visitors was a way to integrate both a family friendly atmosphere, and a Ferrari inspired entertainment venue. Such as a Ferrari themed rollercoaster, artifacts, and different museum like displays. So, if your mind is stuck on motors, you weren’t stuck watching a camel dance while eating a cannoli.

image Ferrari World Driving Simulator

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Driving Simulator

image Ferrari World Abu Dhabi F1 Simulator

F1 Simulator/Scuderia Challenge

Several versions of simulators were available to try out, and who wouldn’t want to do that? These things cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to build, and these have a F1 Racecar shells attached to it. Certainly not something you can just throw together in your basement or garage. In-case you had a few rugrats tugging on your pockets, they even had a mini-kart circuit where they could test out their own “Ferrari’s”.

image ferrari world abu dhabi children experience

Future F1 Driver in Training

image ferrari world abu dhabi children experience

Race for 1st place is getting heated!

What really lead Adam to Abu Dhabi’s Motorsport Mecca, was that he knew he’d have a chance to drive an exotic supercar at Ferrari World. Let’s be honest, it really doesn’t get more exotic than that. His expectations were high, as driving a Ferrari at speed wasn’t exactly a new experience, but it was obviously something he enjoyed. I mean, he is the founder of Xtreme Xperience and all…

image ferrari world abu dhabi driving experience entrance

Push the Button

image ferrari world abu dhabi driving experience registration

“Drive the Dream”

image of ferrari world abu dhabi admisison purchase

The Price of a Winning Attitude in AD

Ferrari World goes all-in on their marketing and representation of the Driving Experience. They highlight all the right aspects of driving a supercar, and offer all the keepsakes (photo,video,etc) you might need for a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Afterall, they are located at the epic Formula 1 circuit, Yas Marina. One would think that this would be a racetrack experience, not only because of the proximity to the Circuit, but where else would you be able to have the ultimate supercar experience? Well (spoiler alert) there won’t be any black stallion mascots, and they certainly won’t be setting you up with any laps on nearby racetracks… bummer.

image ferrari world experience driver and guide

Meet your co-pilot for your Ferrari Experience

Image Ferrari california t at ferrari world experience abu dhabi

Your Chariot Awaits

After signing up and getting a better understanding of what he was preparing to experience, the newlyweds hopped in a Ferrari California and set out for their experience. Adam came back from Ferrari World with a ton of feedback, after he had internalized what his experience was like. So, I asked him to give me some pros and cons.

Want to know how Ferrari World stacks up to Xtreme Xperience?


  • I had the opportunity to drive a Ferrari around Abu Dhabi, UAE. Doesn’t get much more exotic than that!
  • Ease of process. 15 minutes from check-in to drive.
  • Media package included two GoPro angles, digital pictures on USB and two printed photos in carbon fiber photo jacket frame.
  • My instructor, Jorge Clara (you can find him on FB), had racing talent and experience.
  • Price was reasonable, around $215 for media package and 25min of driving.


  • Ferraris are not meant to be driven on streets. Especially ones that are speed camera monitored. Period.
  • Race car drivers, like Jorge, don’t belong on the street. Both he and I itched to be on a track.
  • It was a 2013 California. Not even a turbo.
  • A ‘class’ was provided overviewing the car, seating position and racing fundamentals but, as you can imagine, none of that really applies to highway driving.
image ferrari world experience selfie in ferrari california t

No back seat drivers…

image Ferrari World California arabic side-view mirror

Objects in this mirror are… Arabic.

image outside of Ferrari World

Ferrari World Street View

Image Yas Marina Circuit Entrance

Yas Marina Circuit Entrance

image yas marina circuit abu dhabi

Overall, Adam said he just couldn’t resist the chance to drive an exotic car in UAE. Being said, he really realized the value of what our program offers everyone the chance to experience. That is the chance to Drive REAL Supercars, on REAL Racetracks with REAL instruction.

There is a video of the drive, and we’ll try to get it posted for you. However, we can assure you that it doesn’t look much different than any number of GoPro videos of cars driving on the highway. With the exception of  it being in Abu Dhabi, and it’s mounted in a Ferrari California, driving at a safe but steadfast speed – on a public road.

Do you think a trip to Ferrari World for a Driving Experience is worth it? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.