Ferrari Vs. Lamborghini Wallpaper

Ferrari Vs. Lamborghini Desktop wallpaper by Xtreme Xperience

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Italy’s finest have been going head-to-head for decades. It’s been one of the best rivalry’s of all time, Ferrari versus Lamborghini. Both Italian, both luxurious supercars with insane power. The story behind these two rival auto manufacturers is priceless. It all started with Ferruccio Lamborghini, who at the time was a successful manufacturer of tractors and farming equipment. Because of his wealth he indulged in his childhood obsession of luxury automobiles. In 1958 he purchased his first Ferrari, a 250 GT. Although he was fond of the car he found them to be too noisy and rough to be a proper road car. After discovering that the clutch on his 250 GT was broken, and that it was the same one he used on his tractors, he  went to Ferrari and asked for a better replacement. Ferrari responded by saying that he was just a tractor maker, and knew nothing about sports cars. In light of those comments, Automobili Lamborghini was born and has climbed its way to the top competing alongside Ferrari for the latest and most innovative supercars the world has ever seen.

And because we offer so many people the opportunity to compare these two Italian works of art, we’re making that into our latest wallpaper collection. Now offering iPad & iPhone wallpapers, so give yourself a new look with the Ferrari Vs. Lamborghini Wallpaper collection.

Ferrari Vs. Lamborghini iPad wallpaper from Xtreme Xperience  Ferrari Vs. Lamborghini iPhone Wallpaper from Xtreme Xperience



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