Ferrari F50 in Slow Motion

1999 Ferrari F50

The friendly YouTube channel TaxTheRich100 does it again, this time with a Ferrari F50 in slow motion!

The Ferrari F50 is one of the most iconic Ferrari’s to date. As the predecessor to the F430, it unfortunately was overshadowed by the greatness of the F40 and the hype of the F430. Despite its Formula 1 inspirations, the F50 fell short on power and handling due to road restrictions and the technology of its era. However, doesn’t mean that it still wasn’t an awesome supercar. With its’ sleek profile, deep air intakes and massive rear wing it was never subtle and made for some perfect eye candy. And while it made the perfect bedroom wall poster, the guys from the YouTube channel TaxTheRich100 have decided to drive it around like no Ferrari owner probably ever would. From rally driving a Ferrari Enzo and a Ferrari 288 GTO through back roads, TaxTheRich have proven that they really just want to have some fun.

Check out their latest video of the Ferrari F50 in slow motion – burning rubber, drifting, and doing donuts seems to be their repertoire.  Check out the rest of their videos from their playlist as well.


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