Ferrari 458 Challenge Evolucione on the Track

Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione on a racetrack

Since the Ferrari 458 has been released it’s been one of the hottest Ferrari’s around. As the successor to the F430, its begun to follow in its footsteps with hyped up track versions like the 458 Speciale and the 458 Challenge. Now Ferrari gives us something else to drool over – the Ferrari 458 Challenge Evolucione. Thanks to the YouTube channel NM2255 Car HD Videos we’re able to see the Ferrari 458 Challenge Evolucione on the track. Ferrari’s made no changes to its engine so it’s still rocking that fantastic 4.5-liter V8 with 562 hp under the hood. They have however given it a rear wing that generates increased downforce and is said to extend the limits of the car. So expect a higher top speed and quicker cornering capabilities. The gentleman racer will be on sale shortly and Ferrari will also be offering the aerokit separately sometime soon for owners of the current 458 Challenge.

Check out the Ferrari 458 Challenge Evolucione take control of the world famous Monza Racetrack in Italy!

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