You may think you know about supercars, but you have no idea!


18 Facts About Xtreme Xperience’s Fleet of Exotics and Supercars. 


Carbon fiber. Italian stitched leather. 500+ horsepower sitting right behind you. There’s nothing normal about a supercar, despite what anybody tells you.

Forget everything you have read. When you sit in a V10 Lamborghini and the backfire of the exhaust, something happens where you just feel the adrenaline begin to creep up inside you. This fact alone is reason enough to drive one in order to comprehend what is actually happening in these incredibly fast exotic cars.

Supercar manufacturers, both domestic and foreign, spend countless hours (and dollars) developing the lightest, fastest, and most technologically advanced products on the road. These manufacturers are out to break records, win races, oh and they’d like to sell you a few cars in the process.

The fact is, not all cars are created equal. 

Discover what best suits you on the track, or better yet, which supercar is best for the track you’re going to experience. 

Choose your supercar and book your Track Xperience today. 

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Ferrari 488 GTB:

The Ferrari 488 GTB (Grand Touring Berlinetta) is the successor to the 458 Italia and was introduced in 2016. With updated styling and a brand new powerplant, the 488 is loaded with new tech and MORE power. With that said, here are a few facts you should NEED to know about it. 

  • There are TWO turbos strapped to the V8 engine sitting behind your head. The new powerplant boasts nearly 100 more HP than its predecessor. Ferrari’s beefed-up engine is also a big deal because the 488 is the 1st Mid-engine turbocharged supercar they built since the legendary F40. WHOA! 
  • The Aerodynamics installed on the vehicle are all derivatives of Formula 1 tech. (Nothing new here.) Except that the 488 produces 50% more downforce and reduced drag over the 458! 

In a nutshell, this thing may look a lot like a 458 with a facelift, but it’s truly much more than that.   

Lamborghini LP610-4 Huracán:

Lamborghini indeed did a number on this one! The Gallardo or anything in the LP550-570 range, does not compare to what this car is capable of handling on a racetrack. For the first time, the road-going version of their “entry-level” supercar has the poise needed to be a competitor on the track, as opposed to just being a straight line threat. 

What makes it track worthy? 

  • This is the first Lambo to receive a Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)! This is a massive deal when competing against supercars that are on their 3rd installation of a DCT. It’s fast, sharp, and intelligent. 
  • The Huracán’s dampers are magnetically controlled with a special fluid that can change the feel in milliseconds. This gives the driver the confidence needed to put the power down and through all four wheels of the LP610-4. 

Ferrari 458 Italia

Let’s get one thing straight, the 458 was released in 2009, and it’s still one of the best cars to drive on this planet. The balance and precision of this vehicle make it one of the most magnificent machines ever made by the minds of Maranello

This car is not just one of our all-time favorites, but it’s the industry’s as well, having won “car of the year” awards as consistently as they’ve won championships in motorsports. Let’s find out why. 

  • First of all, Michael Schumacher helped Ferrari design the car. Who better to ask than one of most winningest drivers in F1 history. A place where a large portion of the tech in the car has derived from. 
  • Deformable winglets on the 458 became a precursor to “active aero” tech that found it’s way into the market. 

Porsche GT3:

First of all, the 911 GT3 should be known as nothing other than a track weapon. You may see a 911 in your neighbor’s garage, and like his/hers, it’s fast and developed from high-performance tech. However, this GT3’s capable of doing things you never thought were imaginable. Especially from such a small/compact package. It’s a six-cylinder engine for crying out loud! 

  • The PDK gearbox will complete a shift (up or down) within 100th of a second. ONE-HUNDREDTH OF A SECOND. Did you hear (read) what we said? It’s sublime to listen to the noise made when the car blipshifts on track. 
  • The GT3 has “Rear-Axle Steering,” allowing it to take tighter turns at low speed, and handle wider turns with ease. Who does that? The fine folks Stuttgart! 

McLaren 570s

McLaren built the 570s was built with hopes of competing against some of the best cars on the road. With a V8 turbocharged platform stationed in the middle of the chassis, it wouldn’t just have a chance, it was inevitable. Couple that with striking good looks, it would go on to become one of their best builds for the road yet. It even won performance car of the year in 2016!

  • The chassis is centered around a carbon-fiber MonoCell tub that only weighs 165 lbs (75kg)! 
  • McLaren’s Unique curvy shape to the body panels of the 570S isn’t just for show. The flying rear buttresses allow air to pass into the cooling ducts and also provide an additional 17lbs of downforce. 

Nissan GT-R

The Nissan GT-R is a big deal. To the unassuming, casual car guy who thinks this just a fancy looking Nissan – think again! It’s hard to improve upon perfection, yet somehow someway Nissan’s motorsports division finds clever ways to introduce new tech into one of a kind packages that bends all the rules. 

Here’s what you need to know about the new and improved GODZILLA!

  • The GT-R holds the Guinness World Record for Fastest 0–60 mph acceleration by a four-seater production car. We’re not even sure anyone else is willing to try that! 
  • These engines are hand-built. Each engine receives a plaque certifying it has been inspected and assembled by one individual. Talk about a personal connection with a car. 

Dodge Hellcat Widebody

American muscle sports cars have a special place in our hearts. This Widebody Chally’s looks make us feel nostalgic, but once you fire it up it gets hearts pumping! This thing has SO MUCH TORQUE that it will literally start driving itself down pit lane. A true muscle car that has been dialed up to 11, the Hellcat screams and claws it’s way into the category supercars. 

  • Not only is the body wider (3.5 inches), but the tires are wider too (305/20″). This Chally utilizes a square setup (same size tire on all four ends of the car) to maximize grip through turns.
  • This big boy maybe heavier than it’s European counterparts, but it can lay down the power. The supercharged V8 motor boasts 707hp, and that makes it the most powerful vehicle in the fleet.

Quick Facts about the XX Fleet:

Rounding out the list of 18 facts, here are something about our fleet you probably never knew.

  • Our fleet is worth over two million dollars!
  • The entire fleet of XX supercars has over FIVE THOUSAND horsepower!
  • We are the largest traveling supercar driving experience in the United States, with a permanent location at NOLA Motorsports Park.
  • Our fleet is comprised of the most award-winning and most respected supercars on the planet, and we have track-prepped lead cars, ready for you to Xperience! 
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So, there you have it! With all of these factors taken into consideration, Xtreme Xperience was able to compile a fleet of the best supercars on the road today. Whether it’s performance enhancements or distinguished awards, these supercars all offer a unique driving experience to each of our drivers.

Now that you’ve had a chance to think about it, what car you would choose?! Tell us in the comments below!