Drive of The Week: Putting the pedal down in the Porsche


The Motor City is home to some Xtreme Drivers!

After visiting the Motor City (Detroit, MI) we hoped that some confident drivers would emerge as we began hunting for our Drive of The Week. It appears as though Detroit’s top driver at Xtreme Xperience in May of 2017 was in our Guards Red 911. Arin Puckett, is the owner of a youtube channel named Autosport Refinement, and he happens to be a Porsche enthusiast who came to find out if the GT3 was all it was cracked up to be. (That’s what they all say before they put the pedal to the metal)

Are you curious to know how his drive went in the Porsche GT3? We have in-car video highlights of Arin’s drive for you to watch. Meanwhile, we’ll sit back and let the Porsche do the talking for us! 🙂 


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So, what do you think? Did Arin’s talent outshine the 911, or do you think our Porsche gave him a run for his money? Let us know in the comment section below. 

xtreme xperience fleet of supercars and trailer at m1 concourse detroit mi

XX Fleet at M1 Concourse – May 2017

Want to watch Arin’s entire drive? Click HERE.

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