Drive of The Week: Acura NSX at Michigan Intl Speedway


Xtreme Xperience recently visited the historic Michigan International Speedway (MIS) near the heart of Motor City (Detroit, MI). MIS is one of NASCAR’s fastest tracks, and that fact holds true for Xtreme driver’s as well. It’s easy to pick up speed on the oval section, but mastering the infield is a whole new ball game. Unless you have a secret weapon. 

Watch Tomas dominate MIS in the NSX:

In our selection for Drive of The Week, Tomas was looking to explore the limits a bit further, after previously driving the Lamborghini Huracán. His instructor, Joey Muzio, remained composed and persistent in teaching Tomas how to maximize his speed as he enters and exits the turns of the infield. As Tomas grew comfortable in the hybrid Supercar (Acura NSX) he positions himself for a chance to chase down the supercar he drove the previous session (Huracán). 

Nice work, Tomas! If you’re interested in watching his entire drive, you can see it right here, on his YouTube page

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