Drive of The Week: The NSX Eats Up The Competition


Can a Ferrari or Lamborghini outpace an NSX? NOPE!

This week’s DTW isn’t for the faint of heart. Why? Well that’s because your hopes and dreams of Italian supercars running the field, are about to get CRUSHED! After our previous DTW selection was made, Kyle T had chimed in via social media; suggesting his drive deserved a shot at winning drive of the week.

We were intrigued that someone would so enthusiastically throw their hat in the ring. So, we decided to give him a shot. By request, he sent over his in-car footage from his NSX drive. Right out of the gates, we knew he had put his money where his mouth is. (unlike many before him)

black acura nsx profile 1800x750 xtreme xperience

With the track slowly getting covered by a light rain, traction was slowly dissipating. The NSX said, ‘NOT TODAY!’ as the agility of the half electric-half petrol powered, AWD, rebirth of the Acura NSX made mincemeat of M1 Concourse.

Keep reading to watch his drive. 

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Watch the NSX blow past the competition, in this week’s featured customer drive: