Pro Tips: Driving a Supercar at Palm Beach Intl Raceway


Are you ready for your Supercar Track Xperience at Palm Beach Intl Raceway

Escape the city and venture onto roads less traveled for an experience like no other. Off the east coast of Florida, 30 mins from downtown West Palm Beach, lies Palm Beach Intl Raceway. Take the wheel of your favorite exotic car for an experience that’s nothing like a walk on the beach. 

Here’s your guide to get from the parking lot to the pits of PBIR.

*Please note that this is general information in effort to help you have the best track day. As every track facility and layout is different, some of this information may not be exact.

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Palm Beach Intl Raceway is located at: 17047 Beeline Hwy, Jupiter, FL 33478 

Upon arrival guests will first check-in with Palm Beach International Raceway’s main entry, then proceed to check-in with XX. Your reserved time is your Xtreme Xperience Check-In time. Please be at our Check-In trailer at the time you reserved, and have your driver’s license and confirmation out and ready. We will accept your confirmation via paper form or on your mobile device.

Reminder:Palm Beach International Raceway is in Eastern Time Zone.

For XX Guests, there are no fees to park at Palm Beach International Raceway. Parking is located north of the main entrance and west of timing and scoring tower.

Any XX branded area after Check-In is considered the “Pit Area” and adults will need a spectator pass. VIP Pit Pass access ($10 per adult) provides closer spectator viewing in the pit area (kids 12 under are FREE but must be with an adult). Tented seating, bleachers, close photo opportunities, and waters are included in the Pit Pass, but cannot be promised for free spectator areas.

Drone usage / aerial footage is not permitted.

After checking in you will attend a driver’s briefing class that lasts around 25 minutes, within a short walking distance from check-in.

As our program is always evolving and safety is always strengthening, it is required that every driver (no matter how many times you have enjoyed our program) attend the driver’s briefing. No exceptions.

*As long as there is room for all drivers to sit, friends and family are welcome in class. Please respect that this class is for the safety of the drivers, and while we encourage a family-friendly atmosphere Drivers MUST be able to both see and hear the instructor presentation. Please give up your seats for drivers, silence phones, and take noisy children out of the classroom area. We appreciate your cooperation.

Drivers must wear closed-toed shoes (no sandals or heels). This is an outdoor event (no covered pit). Although we provide tented areas we ALWAYS encourage that you dress for all weather possibilities (heat, cold, or rain).

Palm Beach International Raceway will not have concessions available during the event, however XX provides complimentary waters to all guests and we welcome you to bring your own food and drink (non-alcoholic).

We are a rain or shine experience so on average, our experiences are not postponed and refunds are not provided due to inclement weather (as long as track conditions remain safe). A day-of reschedule request is a $100 fee, unless we have postponed.

If we postpone an event you will be alerted via Email and text message, and we have up to 12 months to provide a reschedule date at a track location close to you. Please visit our FAQ for more information on postponements or cancellations.

Turn-by-Turn Guide of PBIR

Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR), formerly known as Moroso, is home to a fast 2-mile road course, a drag strip, karting facilities, and more. The track has been featured on such shows as Top Gear and Pinks and has hosted many types of events in its long-running history. The 2-mile road course is not particularly hard to get around, but to do so very quickly takes some practice, lots of patients, and stacks of rubber.

PBIR has an enormous back straight, several long carousel like turns, and a short esses section that combine to make up most of the track. This is a great place to showcase each car’s ability, but more importantly, develop some lifelong skills.

  • Let’s start with Turn 4, the first carousel you get to. A carousel is usually a long turn that is circular in shape but is longer than a hairpin turn, and often times wider than 180 degrees. These types of turns require a lot of patients. You need to wait on your turn-in and wait on your throttle to achieve optimal corner exit speed. The same will apply to Turn 5 that immediately follows.
  • After the carousel’s, you approach the esses, or a series of quick turns, back-to-back. They generally make the shape of an “S” when looking at them on a track map. Many racetracks have a version of esses, done differently, and the tricky part of this section at PBIR is the first turn, Turn 6.
  • While the first right hander you approach may look like you can carry a lot of speed through it, you need to have your eyes up looking at your track out, which also happens to be the apex of the left hander, Turn 7. A lot of drivers can easily get caught going too quickly through Turn 6, causing them to run wide on their track out. This is also an issue for drivers who turn-in too early. Even if you get the first part of this section down, there is still more. After you apex left on Turn 7, quick drivers will find themselves having to apply the brake before they turn-in for Turn 8. This is important for everyone who wants to get a good run onto the long back straight, as mentioned earlier.

  • The back straight here at PBIR might make a Miata driver yawn; despite having their foot to the floor as they make their way down the 3,100 ft long straight. Since you will most likely be in a 500+hp supercar with Xtreme, this straightaway comes and goes by FAST! Getting a good run onto the straight starts in the esses, and relies on the driver maximizing the width of the track. Once you have hit speeds sufficient to get you arrested on any highway in the US, you notice the brake markers telling you to maximize the G-load forward. Following this aggressive brake zone, once again we have a carousel, and then we head back down the front straight to your next lap.
  • Like most tracks, PBIR rewards its drivers who are patient and focused on what’s ahead. Avoid the early turn-ins, don’t get on the throttle too soon, and keep those eyes up. Finding your brake zone or locating your apex and track-out here sometimes requires you to look way down the track. Drivers who excel in these areas will get the most out of this track.


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Check out what a full lap at PBIR looks like: 


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