Pro Tips: Driving a Supercar at GrandSport Speedway


Are you ready for your Supercar Track Xperience at GrandSport Speedway

It’s YOUR turn to drive one of our exotic cars on track in Houston, TX. Are you prepared to hit triple digit speeds at GranSport Speedway? Continue reading to learn how you can maximize your time at the track with Xtreme Xperience. 


Here’s your guide to get from the parking lot to the pits of GrandSport. 

*Please note that this is general information in an effort to help you have the best track day. As every track facility and layout is different, some of this information may not be exact.

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Grandsport Speedway is located at 7555 FM 2004 Hitchcock, TX 77563.

Upon arrival guests will first check-in with Grandsport Speedway main entry guard, then proceed to check-in with XX. Your reserved time is your Xtreme Xperience Check-In time. Please be at our Check-In trailer at the time you reserved, and have your driver’s license and confirmation out and ready. We will accept your confirmation via paper form or on your mobile device.

Reminder: Grandsport Speedway is in Eastern Time Zone.

For XX Guests, there are no fees to park at Grandsport Speedway. Parking is located to the west of the track’s facility grounds.

Any XX branded area after Check-In is considered the “Pit Area” and adults will need a spectator pass. VIP Pit Pass access ($10 per adult) provides closer spectator viewing in the pit area (kids 12 under are FREE but must be with an adult). Tented seating, bleachers, close photo opportunities, and waters are included in the Pit Pass, but cannot be promised for free spectator areas.

Drone usage/ aerial footage is not permitted.

After checking in you will attend a driver’s briefing class that lasts around 25 minutes, within a short walking distance from check-in.

As our program is always evolving and safety is always strengthening, it is required that every driver (no matter how many times you have enjoyed our program) attend the driver’s briefing. No exceptions.

Drivers must wear closed-toed shoes (no sandals or heels). As this event is outdoors (no covered pit); though we provide tented areas we ALWAYS encourage that you dress for weather possibilities (heat, cold, or rain).

Grandsport Speedway will not have concessions available during the event, however, XX provides complimentary waters to all guests and we welcome you to bring your own food and drink (non-alcoholic).
 Drivers must wear closed-toed shoes (no sandals or heels). Halter tops or other sleeveless shirts, and skirts are not permitted. This event is outdoors (no covered pit). Though we provide tented areas we ALWAYS encourage that you dress for weather possibilities (heat, cold, or rain).

We are a rain or shine experience so on average, our experiences are not postponed and refunds are not provided due to inclement weather (as long as track conditions remain safe). A day-of reschedule request is a $100 fee, unless we have postponed.

If we postpone an event you will be alerted via Email and text message, and we have up to 12 months to provide a reschedule date at a track location close to you. Please visit our FAQ for more information on postponements or cancellations.

Turn-by-Turn Guide of GrandSport Speedway

grandsport speedway turn by turn aerial track map

grandsport speedway track map


Grandsport Speedway is a very flowing and open race track, making it great for beginners and experienced drivers alike. Having this open field of vision allows drivers to see what is coming next and provides great viewing for spectators as well. Here are a few keys to help get around this track quickly.
  • Starting with Turn 1, we have a slight right-hand turn that requires minimal braking beforehand. Control your speed through this section to maximize your set up for the entry into Turn 2. Turn 2, you want to be on the far right side of the track as you brake hard and begin your late turn-in. This is a tricky part of the track for a lot of people, as it is a late apex and you have to fight the urge to turn early. If you can resist, you will be rewarded with a perfect line that sets you up for the slight right-hander that follows. 
  • Our next section of the track is one that takes practice to get it just right. It’s a double left-hander that is actually a constant radius through both turns. When done correctly, these two turns combined into one gives the driver a sense of nostalgia. Don’t get too excited yet though. The next set of turns, a high-speed right and left, take the term smooth to a new level. They call this section “The Cannon Barrel”, and for good reason. As you shoot onto the back straight for the highest speed on the track, you will want to make sure you use the entire width of the track. 
  • The back straight is great, with all of our supercars being more than capable of eclipsing the 100mph mark. This, however, is not my personal favorite part of the straight. Instead, it is the tough braking zone that follows. As your ears fill with the sound of RPM’s rising, stay right and get ready for the hard brake zone leading into “Firehouse Bend”. This braking zone requires a great deal of finesse to master, but the easy way around is brake hard, release and turn a little, then apply some more brake pressure to get slowed down for the second of this double left-handed section. 
  • As you exit onto the short straight that follows, track back to the left side of the racing surface to set up for the slight bend right before the very hard braking zone into one of the tightest turns on the track. This final section takes a hairpin to the left before opening up to a slight right that brings you back down the main straight. Patience is key to getting your exit right. Drivers who can wait not only on turning early but also on applying throttle, will see the best results here.
  • Overall, this track is a great place to open up the throttle on a supercar. Fast sweeping sections, hard braking zones, and challenging decreasing radius turns give you the chance to really see what makes our fleet super.

Check out what a Supercar Track Xperience at Gransport looks like

Still have questions? Make sure you find one of our Pros at the track before you get behind the wheel, or ask to bring it up during the drivers’ briefing. Your lead instructor will undoubtedly have an answer for you. 

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