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PRO TIPS: Taking on Autobahn Country Club – Joliet, IL

Gearing up for your Supercar Track Xperience at Autobahn Country Club?

The Autobahn Country Club (ACC) in Joliet, IL, is a short cruise (45 minutes) from downtown Chicago. Designed by famed Racetrack architect, Alan Wilson, ACC’s North Track is 1.46 miles long with a total of 9 turns, a 1,237 ft straightaway, elevation changes, perfect racing curbing and a high quality track surface.

The ACC has become a home away from home for us, and it’s a track we treat as our own. This is a track that runs fast, and offers a bit of everything; from great scenery, to technical turns that will challenge your eyes and driving skills on the track. With the supercars’ capabilities and fast moving track, there is great reason to review this how-to-guide, in order to stay safe and have fun at the Autobahn.

xtreme xperience at autobahn country club

Above the pits of Autobahn CC

How to speed your way from the parking lot through the finish line.

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We (Xtreme Xperience) ask that you arrive at the scheduled time listed on your confirmation email. This will allow you to have ample amount of time to get checked in prior to your driver’s meeting.

At Autobahn Country Club you must sign their liability waivers at the gate, and receive an Autobahn wristband. When you pull into ACC their sign-in booth is on the left hand side, and they will require everyone in your party to get out of the car and sign. Give yourself an extra 15 minutes for this process.

There are no fees to park at the Autobahn. Once inside the gate, drive past the round-about and towards the North Track parking lot, which is on the right. You will see our Xtreme Xperience semi-trucks and can park in that lot. Proceed to the large white XX Check-in tent and have your driver’s license ready!

FREE Spectator viewing is available along the fence line at ACC, and there is a small standing area with 2 tables and a few chairs (this space quickly fills up by 10am). There are no observation decks or grandstands on the North side.

VIP Pit Pass access ($10 per adult) provides closer spectator viewing in the pit area. Tented seating, close photo opportunities, and waters are included in the Pit Pass, but cannot be promised for free spectator areas. Kids 10 and under are FREE.

Autobahn Country Club has an amazing café with delicious, homemade items. Their menu has a range of salads, wraps, sandwiches, etc. We highly recommend their hand-cut chips!

Two caveats to the café: It’s a bit of a walk, and they close early (around 2pm). You are more than welcome to bring your own food and beverages. We provide waters to participants and Pit Pass holders, but bringing additional beverages and food for your personal comfort is welcomed.


This event is completely outdoors (no covered pit). Though we have tented areas we ALWAYS encourage that you dress for weather possibilities (cold or rain). On average, our experiences are not postponed and refunds are not provided due to inclement weather (as long as track conditions remain safe). Visit our FAQ for more information on postponements.

Check Autobahn’s weather, here.

Conquering Autobahn Country Club – Like a Pro

This track is one that can be visualized, especially if you are able to grasp the picture, our professional instructors are trying to paint. By focusing in on their Pro-Tips for driving this track, you will have an understanding of why we say, ACC is fast, but safe and fun for a supercar driving experience – and they’ll even make it XTREME!

  • After leaving pit lane, the first turn to focus on is TURN TWO, which is a hard right hand turn. Listen to your instructor carefully here. It is a slow turn and a late one. This is your first chance to build trust with your instructor, and if you listen well here, and turn in late with a slow entry speed, the rest will come easy. This turn leads onto a short straight, which will be your first chance to experience your car’s immense power. – Cal DeNyse
  • Picture the letter S as you drive through TURN FOUR and TURN FIVE. This section is most commonly referred to as the “Esses“. Let the car flow from the right edge of the track exiting turn four around to the left as you enter Turn Five, then turn right toward the green apex cone at the inside of turn five and let the car flow back to the outside of the track. – Bradley Pines
    • This tends to be the place on the track that sets good drivers, apart from the great drivers. It is not the speed going through the turns, it’s the movement of the wheel through the turns. – Cal DeNyse
  • From here you accelerate down a straight away and into TURN SIX. One of the hardest turns on the North Track for novice drivers. Like turn two, it’s a hard right. Your biggest take away, is to turn as late as possible, and a little slower than what you’d expect. Your speed down the straight away leading to this turn makes many people forget what slow really is. When you think it is time to turn, wait even longer, and you are still probably early. It takes a lot of discipline to do this turn correctly, so listen to your instructor closely. – Cal DeNyse
  • After another straight, and a left handed turn (TURN SEVEN), you will be facing pit entrance. Be sure to note where it is located so at the end of your session, you will know how to exit the track.
  • As you make one big arc through TURN EIGHT and TURN NINE, let the wheel gradually get straighter and slowly add gas with your toes. If you have any hope of going fast, you have to patient here. Coordinate your slow moving hands on the wheel with your toes on the gas, and you’ll have a much higher top speed on the front straight. Then, ready yourself again for turn two’s reappearance and pop quiz!  – Brad and Cal
 Three Laps in a Lamborghini at Autobahn CC: 

Final Word from Our Instructors:

With these Pro-Tips, you’ll get around Autobahn’s North track, quickly and safely. Don’t forget that your instructor will be in the right seat, guiding you with the same principles outlined above. Lastly, just relax! Don’t worry too much about your top speed or laps times. This is a wide track with great visibility, so concentrate on looking ahead and having fun. Guide the car and enjoy driving a real supercar on a real racetrack with a real professional instructor.

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