Pro Tips: Driving a Supercar at Atlanta Motor Speedway


Are you ready for your Supercar Track Xperience at Atlanta Motor Speedway? 

The Xtreme team invites you to join us at the heart of Georgia’s motorsports monument, Atlanta Motor Speedway. Home to NASCAR in the Peach State, this historic speedway has a multi-configuration infield ready to be carved through by a fleet of supercars. The best part is, you’re in the driver’s seat! 

Before you show up to your experience, continue down the page and read our guide on how to have a successful track day with us. We’ll cover where to go when you get checked in, as well as making your way through the tight winding track of AMS. 

Here’s your guide to get you from the parking lot to the pits of Atlanta Motor Speedway. 

Atlanta Motor Speedway is located at 1500 Tara Pl, Hampton, GA 30228. **This event is at ATLANTA MOTOR SPEEDWAY – not Atlanta Motorsports Park in Dawsonville**

Your reserved time is your Xtreme Xperience check-in time. Please be at our check-in room (Media Center building) at the time you reserved, and have your driver’s license out and ready. Reminder: Atlanta Motor Speedway is in the Eastern time zone. 

At AMS all guests must sign-in at Gate H and then proceed through the tunnel (under the NASCAR track) and around the infield road course to parking. Give yourself an extra 20 minutes for this process.

There are no fees to park at AMS.

All guests must sign-in at Gate H and then proceed through the tunnel (under the NASCAR track) and around the infield road course. Parking is on the east side of the Media Center (Media Center is where you will check in). 

Once parked, proceed to the Check-in area and have your driver’s license ready!

FREE spectator viewing is always available at each track, traditionally behind fence lines. This is our first time at AMS – we don’t officially know what the free areas will have as far as accommodations for viewing or seating. 

Any XX branded area after check-in is considered the “Pit Area” and adults will need a spectator pass. VIP Pit Pass access ($10 per adult – Kids 12 and below are FREE) provides closer spectator viewing in the pit area. Tented seating, close photo opportunities, and waters are included in the Pit Pass, but cannot be promised for free spectator areas.

Dogs are allowed but must be leashed 100% of the time, no exceptions.

After checking in with Xtreme Xperience you will be asked to attend a driver’s briefing. This class begins at the 0:20 of every hour, and lasts around 25 minutes (EX: Check in at 1pm, class at 1:20pm. Check in at 3pm, class at 3:20pm. Etc.). 

At AMS the driver’s classroom is indoors, located in the same Media Center as check-in. 

As our program is always evolving and safety is always strengthening, it is required that every driver (no matter how many times you have enjoyed our program) attend the driver’s briefing. No exceptions.

*As long as there is room for all drivers to sit, friends and family are welcome in class. Please respect that this class is for the safety of the drivers, and while we encourage a family-friendly atmosphere Drivers MUST be able to both see and hear the instructor presentation. Please give up your seats for drivers, silence phones, and take noisy children out of the classroom area. We appreciate your cooperation.

To our knowledge concessions will NOT be available at AMS. You are welcome to bring your own food and drink (non-alcoholic). Waters are provided to Pit Pass holders. 
Drivers must wear closed-toed shoes (no sandals or heels). This event is outdoors (no covered pit). Though we provide tented areas we ALWAYS encourage that you dress for weather possibilities (heat, cold, or rain).

Traditionally we are a rain or shine experience so on average, our experiences are not postponed and refunds are not provided due to inclement weather (as long as track conditions remain safe – low track temps or lighting/thunder can constitute a change). A day-of reschedule request is a $100 fee, unless we have postponed.

If we postpone an event you will be alerted via email and text message as soon as a decision is made. Weather decisions are made in real-time via our Safety Commission, but we do our best to communicate ahead of time. 

Xtreme Xperience has up to 12 months to provide a reschedule date at a track location close to you. Please visit our FAQ for more information on postponements or cancellations.

How to Conquer AMS Like a Pro: 

atlanta motor speedway track map labeled

The infield at Atlanta Motor Speedway gives drivers the chance to feel each car in a controlled environment with turns and features they would recognize on the street. It’s awe-inspiring atmosphere provides the perfect backdrop when stepping into a supercar for the first time. Join me for a lap around this track and I will share a few insights on how to get the most out of this challenging circuit.

Starting off in pit lane, you will enter the track through a narrow opening. You will want to ease your way onto the hot track before taking a deep breath and beginning your first of 4 laps. The first turn you get to is a double apex to your right. Check your entry speed, as this turn can be deceiving at first. The second part of this turn may catch you by surprise, so be patient and treat it as one large arc. As you exit this turn and roll into the power, track back towards the middle of the track as you head towards “The Jump”.

The Jump, which is a sharp incline that flattens out, presents one of the many obstacles of this track. This blind crest is similar to what you may see in the mountains of North Georgia, and it is important to understand how to go over it. While it is not an actual jump, the car will become light as the suspension decompresses over the top of the hill. This will require you to keep your hands and feet steady. If you keep towards the middle of the track here, you will find your best results on the other side of the crest. Once you have conquered this feature, continue accelerating down the back straight and prepare for the esses.

The esses follow the back straight and are comprised of a quick right, left, into a long right-hand turn. The esses require significant braking as you approach. Be sure your braking is done in a straight line for optimal braking performance. Start with a late turn-in for the first right. This gives you a better approach to the left-hand turn that follows, ultimately leading to a better set up for the long right-hand turn that slingshots you back toward the front straight.

This long right-hand turn is similar to that of a highway on-ramp. It starts a with a constant radius turn that slowly opens up allowing you the chance to roll on the throttle as you exit the turn. Listen carefully to your instructor during this section, as they will talk you through how much power you can lay down through this sustained high g-force turn. Upon exit, there is a quick chicane feature that brings you back onto the front straight and back to where this all began as you begin your next lap. This chicane is useful for showcasing the agility of the supercar you are driving. As the car quickly shifts the weight from one side to another, you will find the best thing you can do here is keep your eyes up. With the track narrowing at this section, your perception of speed will change, and keeping your eyes down track will help balance this out.

While reading these track notes may help you navigate the course quicker, the best way to learn it is to see it first hand. Use your first lap or two to find your bearings or shorten the learning curve even more by taking a ride around the track with one of our pro drivers to receive these tips and more.

Wait! Haven’t you driven a supercar at AMS yet? It’s YOUR Turn! 

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