Has the Corvette Z06 finally reached Supercar status?


The Z06 has set its targets on Italian Supercars. You are the one who can decide if it makes the grade

Photos of Xtreme Xperience Z06 Corvette

Straight from the dealer

The Z06 boasts 650 HP and 650 LB-FT of torque. You probably, don’t need to write anything more to be convinced this car is worth experiencing on a racetrack… but we’ll give it the ol’ college try anyway. Despite the fact that this is the fastest production model Corvette ever, there are equal amounts of hype and controversy surrounding this version of the Z06. We’ve waited long enough, and thankfully, we just took delivery of our Z06 Vette. Needless to say, we’re very eager to put it through its paces on the racetrack.

photo Rear Taillights of the wide body Z06 xtreme xperience

Rear Taillights of the wide body Z06

photo of the front of the c7 corvette z06

Sharp angles on all sides of the Z06

We’ll admit, all the “Car of The Year Awards” given to the C7 Vette, haven’t really swayed our opinions, one way or another. What we will say is that, when you review the numbers, it’s hard to say that there’s a better bang for your buck. Considering you get 650 hp for ~$100k (with a warranty), bang is more like OMFG! What we’re really trying to determine, is whether or not it will fulfill it’s prophecy as a Ferrari killer. If it doesn’t swallow up Ferraris and Lambos on the track, earning the title of a “supercar eater” will hopefully come to fruition through its durability.

Photo c7 vette Z06 Badge on the Front Fender Vents

Z06 Badge on the Front Fender Vents

As a company who (generally) leaves our cars stock, our first drive impressions of the Z06 were filled with lots of wheelspin and multiple profanities in reaction to its power (shocker). This thing is wicked fast! With the exhaust setting on “Track” mode – aka Fire Breathing Ogar who wants to consume you – the only thing you can do is laugh like a little kid. Seemingly, it was built to put an ear-to-ear grin on anyones face who engages the throttle. Validating Carlos Lago’s comment, “…the rate of speed you can go with this car, it’s of the, this shouldn’t be legal variety”, fortunately for all of us, IT IS legal!


What you will be able to experience is the first track prepped production Z06, by Chevy/GM. It’s mind blowing horsepower and torque figures allow you to reach 0-60mph in under 3 seconds (auto-trans), while it is also equally staggering in the braking department. Worth noting, as the Z06’s brakes are some of the best we’ve seen out of GM’s lot. When high horsepower is combined with its magnetic suspension, and Michelin Pilot Sport tires, you also benefit in the corners, as you will be able to experience lateral g-forces akin to a race car, in the Z06.

We’re giving GM a solid A for effort on this most recent model of the Vette, and we’ll reserve an A+ for Z06. As far as it’s projected status as a Ferrari killer, we’ll let the that be settled on the track. Ready to give the black horse stable a run for the money, then hop into a Z06 at a track near you.

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