We Took Delivery Of Two NEW Charger Hellcat Widebody cars!


In case, you missed it, it’s true – we’re replacing our trusty Chevy SS Lead Cars with the most powerful production sedan in the world, the Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody. These cars will be a drastic change but we know it is for the best. High horsepower straightaway-eaters like the GT500 will have a much harder time reeling in these Hellcats and will show the Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, and Porsche enthusiasts of the world that a four-door American car can put it down on the track!

It’s all going to be very exciting in a couple of months, but right now, we have something else epic to share with you.

These brand new vehicles were at a dealership in Virginia and needed to get to Charlotte 48 hours later – with 500 miles on them to ensure they were properly broken in before hitting the track. This meant shipping the cars via transport truck (as we normally do) was out of the question. The solution, send four of our team members to Virginia to take delivery of, break-in, and drop off the new cars. While there, they would keep the cameras rolling to capture every moment of the journey.

Enter the first episode of our NEW ongoing vlog. It kicks off with a four-part series on the delivery of these Chargers Hellcat Widebody Lead Cars. Watch the first now and stay tuned for the subsequent episodes. Give them a like, a comment, and then subscribe!




Our Xtreme Xperience team was excited to take delivery of two brand new 707 horsepower, Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody super sedans. Only problem was the cars were 700 miles away from our Chicago office and fleet of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McLarens, Shelbys, and Porsches. Plus, they needed to get to a supercar event in Charlotte just two days later. So, we sent two of our automotive technicians and two videographers to pick up these two new Lead Cars that would replace the Chevy SS’s for the 2021 tour year. Flying from Chicago to D.C., the team went straight to the dealership and got to work. They prepped the muscle cars for the 700 mile trip from the dealership to the racetrack and started driving. They needed 500 miles to unlock the cars’ full potential; even with the break in miles limiting the cars full tire-shredding potential, the team managed to have some fun, do some hard loud acceleration.