Who gets your vote for Car of The Year?


Which Xtreme Xperience Supercar will win Performance Car of the Year-2016?

Around this time of the year, car enthusiasts begin to feel like it’s Christmas/Hanukah/your birthday (whatever you want to call it), due to the fact that all major automotive outlets are publishing their top picks for Car Of The Year. That means many of us get the chance to say, “I TOLD YOU SO!”

photo of performance car of the year nominees on track

PCOTY – Evan Klein/Road & Track

Now, don’t get us wrong, we enjoy reviewing these articles, and watching all the test footage from the reviews. Most importantly, we love reading all of the expert input that gets posted in the comments about cars’ performance capabilities. There’s just something about the concoction of information that manages to become the perfect blend of opinions from automotive journalists, manufacturers, and the army of arm-chair enthusiasts out there…

Yeah, we knew you could smell it coming, as soon as we hit October!

Drive the top Performance Cars of the Year, in one day.

At Xtreme, we like to do couple things to prepare our fleet for the upcoming year:

  1. Get feedback on which supercars YOU would like to drive.
  2. And, conduct our own research.

How you might ask? By that we mean, Xperiencing these supercars ourselves, asking our instructors who have had an opportunity to get behind the wheel of the newest cars to market, and by checking out Road & Track’s Performance Car of The Year

red and blue 2017 audi r8 v10

(Photo from Audi AG)

Like us, R&T takes sports/super cars, seriously. For that reason alone, they get to put them through their paces on some of the best driving roads and racetracks in the world. Additionally, they give us healthy doses of relatable feedback, like Jack Baruth’s comment about the Acura NSX (2017 Fleet Addition), “…Oh yes. The million-dollar Porsche hybrid hypercar. The NSX is like a better version of it.”

We can’t wait to wrap our heads around that one! 

acura nsx on track red

(Photo by Car & Driver)

Now, we always say, ‘Don’t worry about the reviews, come drive it for yourself’, and that’s solid advice. However, we’re saying that you should definitely use this information for your benefit. For instance, when you’re choosing a supercar to track for the first (or 10th) time with Xtreme Xperience!

As we aim to bring you the best of the best, we noticed a few of the additions to our 2017 lineup, just so happen to be R&T’s Performance Car of The Year nominees.


road and track performance cars of the year spec chart

PCOTY – Specs chart

Here’s how our 2017 supercars performed in R&T’s tests:

After several grueling days on the road and then on track at NCM Motorsports Park, it became clear that the heavyweights were beginning to outshine those vehicles outside of the supercar segment. Sports cars like the Porsche 911 Turbo and the BMW GTS rounded out the middle of the list, but here’s what was most important – The Top 3:

Who’s ready to drive the BEST exotic cars on the planet?

xtreme xperience fleet photo

We just launched our 2017 schedule, and supercar lineup for both the tour and NOLA Motorsports Park, and we want to know what you’re going to Xperience first? We’re ready to hear if you agree with the critics, or if you think they need to get a clue?

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