Best Spoilers of the past 50 years


Spoilers never hurt anyone, except movie-goers.

Whale tail, duck tail, wing – whatever you want to call it it’s a spoiler, a vital part of a sports car to increase downforce and add some flare. Spoilers can make or break the look of a car and even some of the time define the car. Here’s a list of our top 10 spoilers over the past 50 years.


1994_Toyota_Supra_Twin_Turbo_For_Sale_Front 2015-Subaru-WRX-STI-4 1405674186j4942m F40_wp0_1024 (Small)Koenigsegg_One1_Rear_031Lamborghini-Veneno_2 McLaren-P1_compressed-600x376 super-autos-18-Bugatti-Veyron- Pagani-Zonda_R_02Lamborghini Countach:

The car that defines the term “Supercar,” the Countach came with the largest spoiler in its era and made every little boys bedroom wall.



Toyota Supra:

The ultimate tuner’s car, the Supra has become a cult favorite for it’s perfect balance and ease of modification.






Subaru Impreza WRX:

Famous for it’s Rally Cross history, the Impreza has an iconic stance and shape that appeals to all car guys.







Porsche 911 Turbo:

The 911 has been an icon in motoring for 50+ years now and claimed the term “ducktail” with its’ rear wing.







Ferrari F40:

Inspired by Formula 1 technology at the time, the F40 has become one of the all time great Ferrari’s ever released.





Koenigsegg One:1

Developed to be the first “Megacar”, the One:1 has an equal horsepower to weight ratio and an equally insane wing to match.







Lamborghini Veneno:

The pinnacle of Lamborghini, the Veneno’s purpose is questionable but it’s presence is obvious.







McLaren P1:

The furthest thing from a stationary spoiler, the P1’s active aero allows it to vary in height and angle for maximum downforce.





Bugatti Veyron:

The ultimate release of motoring excellence, the Veyron was a true test for the power of engineering.






Pagani Zonda R:

The coolest track car to date, the Zonda is a true racecar underneath its’ carbon fiber shell.




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