Best Gifts For Dads Who Love Cars


Ah, Father’s Day. The day we get to celebrate the guys who get it all done behind the scenes, the guys who come through in the clutch, and the guys who are always there for you no matter what. You may always have to listen to some dad jokes or get some fatherly advice every now and again but you know dads always have your back. From the man that raised you from a little kid to the man who’s now raising your children, the dads in our lives can mean many things to many people. 

What if this special guy in your life also happens to love cars? You’re probably a little stumped on what the best gifts are for dads who love cars but that’s totally ok! We’re going to help you out with some of the best ideas for the man with motor oil running through his veins. 

You can’t go wrong with these car-crazy gifts for dads who love to burn rubber: 

  • Interior and Exterior Detailing 
  • Automotive Streaming Service or Magazine Subscription 
  • Super Cool Lego Model Car 
  • Car Enthusiast Apparel 
  • Supercar Driving Xperience 

Don’t worry, we’re sure you’ll find a great gift on this list for any of the dads in your life who love cars! 

Interior and Exterior Detailing

The dad in your life is probably a busy guy and between working, and raising a family, he probably doesn’t have a whole bunch of time to take care of his own personal ride. We know he probably has aspirations to take on this project alone but you know better than anyone that he just doesn’t have the time to get it done. After all, dad always thinks he knows best! 

An awesome gift for dads on the go is a complete interior and exterior detailing from a local company in your area. This is way more than just a typical wash. No, this is a full cleaning of dad’s ride from top to bottom, inside and outside. From the carpets to the dashboard, this will make your dad’s personal ride feel like it’s brand new all over again! He may protest this as some fussy treatment but trust us when he sees his baby all shined up – he’ll forget all about it. 

Here’s a top tip for you: Use discount services like Groupon or Five Star to find great detailing services at absolutely outstanding prices! 

Automotive Streaming Service or Magazine Subscription

Today’s modern car-loving dad has an incredible array of choices to get his car fix. From streaming services on popular platforms that show nothing but car-related programming, to a classic car magazine that will have him looking forward to each new issue; these types of fun services will make any car-loving dad beam from ear to ear. 

Here are some of our favorite car-focused magazines and streaming services: 

  • Car and Driver: This is a classic car magazine that has been around since 1955 and makes an awesome gift. For the old-school touch, get the dad in your life a subscription for the print version. Retro and cool! 
  • Motor Trend: This is way more than a magazine; it’s an automotive media empire. From the classic print magazine to the digital version available on tablets and phones; Motor Trend rarely disappoints. They also happen to have a top-notch streaming service that any car lover will love! Top Gear America and Road Kill Garage are total standouts. 
  • Top Gear Magazine: If your pop is more into the new school way of doing things, Top Gear is an excellent choice that blends exemplary photography with a modern and informative copy style. 

Super Cool Lego Model Car 

Does the dad in your life love to work with his hands or collect model cars? One of the coolest things you can get the hands-on dad is a supercar or racecar set from LEGO! Yes, you can get some of the most incredible vehicles ever made as LEGO sets he can put together and proudly display at home or at his office. Seriously, any car lover will be instantly jealous and drawn to such masterpieces as this 488 GTE or this insane Porsche 911

Seriously, what’s better than this? The look on his face will be simply priceless! 

Car Enthusiast Apparel 

We car enthusiasts are a different breed and we love to show off our personal style with a proper hat or a cool t-shirt. Whether the dad in your life is into Formula 1 racing or loves the classic look of a Low Rider; there’s a ton of apparel out there for the car-loving dad! 

Blipshift is a fantastic option that goes super deep into the world of car culture with some amazing prints and designs. We just love their commitment to those that love car culture through and through. Some of their designs are a bit obscure but there’s lots to love here. 

Heel Tread specializes in socks that are made for car enthusiasts and they’re totally awesome! Their products are designed with care and allow any dad to rock his favorite car gear without anyone even knowing it’s there. This will definitely make the guys at the office quite jealous. 

Supercar Driving Xperience 

Did you know you can give any car-loving dad in your life the opportunity to push a supercar to its limits on the racetrack?! That’s right, Xtreme Xperience puts any car-crazy dad behind the wheel of an exotic speed machine for a full-tilt session around some of the greatest race tracks in America. From Dodge Hellcats to Ferrari’s –  you’ll have a wide variety of supercars to choose from that will absolutely set any car enthusiast’s soul on fire. 

Worried about safety? Each Xperience comes with a safety course, complete instruction by our team of racing instructors, and all necessary safety gear. We take safety seriously here at Xtreme Xperience but that doesn’t mean we don’t encourage our drivers to push it to the limit. Trust us when we say the look on his face when he emerges from his run around the track will be absolutely priceless. 

Dads Deserve To Have Some Fun

No matter which one you choose, these car-crazy gifts will mean the world to any car-loving dad in your life because they came from you. It’s not about the gift, it’s about sharing the experience and camaraderie that is so near and dear to the hearts of automotive enthusiasts with their own family and friends. Can you wait? We can’t!