Beginner’s Guide to Racetracks


Thousands of adrenaline junkies and car enthusiasts turn to Xtreme each year for a chance to experience triple digits speeds behind the wheel of a supercar on a racetrack. Want to know something crazy? The majority of them have never spent a single minute on a racetrack, prior to the day of their driving experience.

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We’re going to guess that even though we have successfully conducted more than 75,000 Supercar Track Xperiences, you’re still thinking “there’s no way I could do that?” Well, we are here to tell you that you can, and it’s YOUR turn. Besides that… you’re not alone. We put a Pro in the car with you and we’ll tell you how to make it around the track with speed, before you hop in the driver’s seat.

Here’s your comprehensive guide to your first track day

Before you head out to your Xtreme Xperience, we’ve pulled all of our resources together. Don’t worry, if you haven’t booked yet, we didn’t leave anything out. So, if you’re on the fence about an Xtreme Xperience, asking yourself “what’s the catch?” Then we have the perfect blog post for you to read, before you go any further.

What’s The Catch?

  • This blog post goes through every question we’ve ever been asked. Such as…
  • How fast can I go?
  • Do I get to ‘push the car’ to the limit?
  • Are the cars limited?
  • Why is there an instructor in the car?
  • and much much more…

Great! So, now you know the juice is worth the squeeze! It’s time to prove that a 500+hp Supercar and our top-notch instructors are the way to get yourself track experienced. TREAT YO’SELF!

Are you wondering why it’s important to be Track Xperienced? Click HERE to find out.

There’s also science to back our claim that you need to be the one that gets out there and gets the job done. Stop trying to live vicariously through someone else… Your happiness depends on it! To grasp what you will be required to focus on, you should know how to prepare yourself mentally, in order to drive a supercar on the track.

4 ways to learn a new track before driving
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Prepare yourself for your first track day

If you do choose to ease your way into a driving experience, we know just how to get you track ready. In fact, no one hits the track without going back to driving school. Despite your skill level, all participants attend a driver’s meeting (classroom session) with one of our Pros. This gives you and your ‘classmates’ an idea of what to expect while you’re out on the track, and how the program will operate. This will always be accompanied with a recommendation for one of our most powerful educational tools – Discovery Laps in our TF Works track prepped Mitsubishi Evo X.

Mitsubishi Evo on track

Xtreme’s Evo X

At this point in the Xperience, you will be staring at your supercar selection. Your co-pilot will be ready to help you grab the reins in order to tame the exotic car you’ve only ever dreamt of driving. Adrenaline kicks in, and you will be relying on instincts, gestures, and verbal cues from your instructor to get around the track safely. All the while, your coach from the right seat, will be wondering if you read our Pro-tips on how to navigate the track at speed. (HINT HINT) 

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Here’s the keys to your $300k Lambo…

Right, so you have finally  made it this far. You have received an email before you made it to the track today, you would have seen a link with our how-to-guide on making your way through the finish line at the track you will be attending. If you’re ready to learn how to drive your local track, or future tracks, we’ve listed them all below.

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Now you’re ready to roll! Hop in. Listen up and start laying down some rubber on a world-class racetrack!

Oh this show ain’t over!

Perhaps you’re already Track Xperienced, and you have driven with Xtreme in the past. So, now you’re ready to take things to the next level. We certainly have a few options to help you grow out of that beginner stage, while allowing you to still experience all that our supercars have to offer. Lucky you!

That’s where Xtreme’s Supercar Academy comes into play. Supercar Academy is the type of program that exotic car lovers have only dreamt of. We’ll explain why.

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What is Xtreme Xperience’s Supercar Academy?

  • Half-Day program at NOLA Motorsports Park
  • Xperience 4 of our world-class supercars
  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Tons of track time
  • Interactive classroom and driving analysis
  • Track side hospitality
  • Includes photo and video to commemorate the experience
  • Champagne toast upon completion
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If you’re looking to jump right in and skip the line at your local XX event, we don’t think you should be shy. Both the standard Track Xperience and Supercar Academy is setup to help driving enthusiasts learn at their pace, regardless of your skill level. That’s just how we operate!

We hope this blog becomes your go to resource when you’re looking to learn anything new about driving on the track. Additionally, if we were able to give you some insight or ideas on how to make your next visit with XX more enjoyable, that’s great too!

Didn’t see what you’re looking for? Let us know in the comments below. We’ll gladly point you in the right direction or answer any questions you have.

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