13 Tips For Planning an Unforgettable Bachelor Party


Here’s how to make your bachelor/bachelorette’s party EPIC!

The time has come, your BFF is ready for their final send-off and you get to plan it. Lucky you! Chances are, you have never planned a bachelor or bachelorette party before, and you could use a bit of inspiration. The good news is that we’re expert planners. Also, we wanted to share a few tips to make sure your bestie has the time of their life, one-last-time before adjusting their marital statuses. 

 Unlike other events you might have planed, these monumental weekends are seldom scheduled around a major holiday, so celebrating will solely be focused around the bachelor/bachelorette. Which means, you need to get really creative with where you decide to spend your time, and most importantly, how you plan on spending that time with your crew.  

Continue reading to find out how to plan an EPIC bachelor/bachelorette party. 

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We plan over 30 events a year and leave no stones unturned when it comes to sorting out our staffs’ travel, lodging, team activities, dinners, etc… So, when we get the opportunity to share in the planning of someone’s farewell party, we’re sure to get the lowdown before making final arrangements. Needless to say, several best men and maids of honor have provided us with some seriously valuable insight; and we’re here to share with you! 

Cross “Drive a Supercar” off of your bachelor/bachelorette’s bucket list. 
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Start planning your Bachelor/Bachelorette Party using these 13 tips

Put away the Walkie Talkies boys (and girls) …

  1. Communication is key. Start the conversation early and touch base often. This is the only way to wrangle up the troops together in time for an epic weekend. 

Mark your calendars

2. It is 100% essential that you select a firm date for the party weekend. Be sure to look into upcoming holidays, people’s work schedules, and if you’re going to an event, you better be sure it works within your time frame. 

3. Duration is something you will want to convey to your crew as early as possible. Although it will add cost, if people need to travel or are simply only available for one day, it’s nice to have an option for someone to swing by at their leisure and help them celebrate their last day of freedom. 

When in Rome!

4. Are you going to get the heck outta Dodge? Once you have balanced out people’s schedules, it’s time to determine where your best bud will conclude his/her run at the single life. This is a big question that needs to be answered because it immediately stretches out the travel plans a bit further (when leaving town). 

5. Hangin’ around town? Most future brides and grooms will have a preference on where they celebrate, and chances are you both have had a chance to feel out the situation. If plans suggest that staying in town is the way to go; then you had better be sure you’re not cruising through your old stomping grounds. No one needs a run-in with an ex. Let’s be honest. 

How big is your squad?

6. Look, size does matter…when you’re planning a party. It’s important to do a bit of digging to determine what places are good for groups like yours. 

7. Get rewarded for having a group: There are some ways to find some cost savings based on the size of your group, as opposed to paying individually upon arrival. (Like Xtreme Xperience for example)

8. Book in advance. That way you don’t show up, only to find out there’s no chance you’re getting everyone to participate. 

The Elephant in the room 

9. What’s the group’s budget? Figure this out right away. If not, you risk losing a member of the pack, due to the fact that things are getting way beyond their (financial) means. Don’t worry, 1 or 2 will back out for this reason, regardless of the cost, but they were probably on the fence anyway. 

We’re going where no one has gone before!

10. Even in your neck of the woods, there’s something to do that you haven’t done before. It’s good to get out of your comfort zones and find something new to experience. 

11. Regardless of the debauchery, a bach(or/ette) party is a bonding experience. Get the boys/girls together and do something that doesn’t only include raging at the club. You’ll never stop talking about it. Which leads us to our next point.

Remember that time when…

12. You have to find a way to make it memorable. What’s the point of doing the same old thing your crew aalllwwwaayyysss does? Choose not to, and it will get swept under the rug of old crusty memories of yesterday. 

13. Scope out the Groom/Bride’s bucket list. Can you check off something you wouldn’t have suspected? Make it happen if you can. 


Have you had to plan a bachelor or bachelorette party before? How did it go and which tips do you recommend knowing before another best man/bride’s maid gets picked for bach (or/ette) party duties? Share them below. 

Cross “Drive a Supercar” off of your bachelor/bachelorette’s bucket list. 
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