Xtreme Autocross Results – 7/11/15


Xtreme Autocross Top Ten Times

We had a great time with everyone who came to the Autobahn Country Club for autocross on Saturday, July 11th. The level of experience for our competitors ranged from, “never driven my car like this before”, to “I’ve driven this autocross course before, and I plan on beating that Pro’s time!”, which made things all that more exciting to watch. Each competitor received in-car guidance from our instructor, Luke Pavlick, to give them professional advice on how to tackle Autobahn’s technical course.

Our Pro set a modest time of 25.303 seconds, after completing only 3 laps. After finding out that the course record was 21 seconds, we were certain someone would reach the 25 second mark for the chance to win a Supercar Xperience. With an .866 second gap between our top competitor, in a beefed up STI, our Evo’s time was untouched. We think they will be back with a vengeance in October. What about you?

There you have it, folks. Think you have what it takes to beat our Pro Instructor’s time in Autocross? Get your car to the paddock, and give it a go!

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